Mike Atlas in Netflix’s “Sleeping Dog”: Mike Atlas is the lead character of this show. He is a former police detective who has lost his memory and is now living on the streets. Mike is a complex and conflicted character; we are going to discuss him and do a character analysis.

Mike Atlas is played by Max Riemelt. He’s a German actor, 39 years old, and has around 572K followers on Instagram. He was previously known for his roles in Sense8, Berlin Syndrome (2017), Free Fall (2013), The Wave (2008), and Before The Fall (2004).

Mike Atlas is a fascinating and complex character. He is struggling to piece together his past and figure out what really happened.

In the end, we come to know that he killed a homeless guy in a car accident and moved the body to the Christmas market. This guilt gets the better of him, and he is unable to carry it, so he leaves his home and starts living alone. But in the end, everything is sorted out, and he does community work to support homeless people and reunite with his family.

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Riemelt gives a powerful performance as Mike Atlas. He brings the character to life in a way that is both compelling and heartbreaking.



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