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Who Actually Killed Judge Herres? | Sleeping Dog Explained

Who Actually Killed Judge Herres?: Judge Herries was a nice person and had been part of a charity center for homeless people. He was trying his best to help people as much as he could. He was running for chief judge for the betterment of society.

One night, Mike, Luk, and Socke were partying when they got the terrorist alert on their cell phones, and they decided to let Mike drive because they were drunk, but Mike was high on drugs. While going to the attack location, they suddenly came across a homeless man crossing the road, and Mike accidentally hit him, and he died on the spot. To avoid suspicion, Luk and Socke suggest leaving the body in the Christmas market with other bodies so that no one would suspect anything.

But the homeless man had a friend who saw the whole thing, and later, through him, Herries came to know of this incident. He tries to find them by any means necessary.

Luk finds out about Herries knowing about the incident and pays him a visit. But Herries refuses to let go of the incident and warns him.

Socke later shoots him in the head and plants Mussa’s hair in the crime scene to save himself and his friends.



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