In the last episode of Netflix’s 11-episode South Korean political drama “Queenmaker,” a strong story about a professional fixer named Hwang-Do is told. She helps an ordinary lawyer named Kyung-sook become the mayor of Seoul.

After Kyung-sook is selected as mayor, she holds a media conference. Suddenly, a reporter asks her if Hwang-Do took illegal funds from Eunsug’s Group. Kyung-sook doesn’t know everything well, so she denies it. But the reporter wants clarification from Hwang-Do herself. Surprising everyone, Hwang-Do agrees to address the allegations.

There is an accounting firm named Golden Crown in the Cayman Islands that is Ms. Son’s slush fund, but only families have access to that account. From there, Eun-Seo-Jin gave 20 million yen to Hwang-Do. It was Hwang-Do’s plan. When the police checked this huge amount of money transaction, they not only arrested Hwang-Do but also looked into Ms. Son’s other funds and bank accounts. This is what Hwang-Do actually wanted. That’s why Hwang-Do framed herself. She is a very clever lady who had everything planned. This is how she was arrested, along with Ms. Son.

Queenmaker” is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi, Korean, and English, with subtitles.”



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