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Who Was Carl Yoon? ‘Queenmaker’ Explained | Netflix

Netflix’s 11-episode South Korean political drama “Queenmaker,” tells the story of a professional fixer girl named Hwang-Do, who helps an ordinary lawyer named Kyung-sook become the mayor of Seoul.

Carl Yoon is a middle-aged man who works as the campaign manager for Baek-Jae’s election campaign. Yoon is extremely talented and intelligent, but there are some mysteries surrounding him. Let’s find out.

Mr. Baek-Jae’s father was in the way of becoming president, but Carl Yoon framed Baek-Jae’s father as corrupt, leading to Baek-Jae’s father’s suicide. Then Chairperson Ms. Son hired Yoon as Baek-Jae’s campaign manager, where she learned everything about him. Yoon always tries to win in any situation, even though he knows about Baek-Jae’s bad habits. He tries to help him because of their shared past. Carl Yoon was on an island until Ms. Son hired him.

Queenmaker” is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi, Korean, and English, with subtitles.”



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