Will season 2 of Queenmaker will come?:- Netflix’s 11 episodes of the South Korean Political drama Queenmaker have officially been released on the Streaming platform, Tells us a strong about a Professional fixer girl Hwang-Do how to help an ordinary lawyer Kyung-sook to become mayor of Seoul.

Will the next season come?

After a political long journey between Hwang-Do & Kyung-sook. in the last Kyung-sook won in a vote and set for a new Mayor of Seoul. Where Hwang-Do is accused of taking 20 Billion won, that’s why she has been sent to Jail.

In a Jail, we saw that she is living an ordinary life but she saw all news of Kyung-sook. One day she got a call as a Visitor coming to meet with her. When she reached she found a completely unknown Man is standing, and he was requesting help And the Series ended.

So, far from the Ending we can assume a Second season. however, Netflix hasn’t officially declared it. So, let’s wait for the official declaration.



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