Kyung-Sook in “Queenmaker”: Who Plays? Actress Name | Netflix

Kyung-sook in “Queenmaker “: Kyung-sook is the second lead of this series. She is funny as well as, emotional but also stubborn. Here go some more details like Actress’s Name and some other information.

As users are requesting more details on the actress who plays “Kyung-sook” in the series. We are going to discuss it and also give an explanation of her character in the Netflix show “Queenmaker”.

The character of ” Kyung-sook” is played by Moon So-ri, who is 48 years old. And done lots of movies. Among them are Netflix’s recent hits “Seoul Vibe”, also there are ” A Good Lawyers Wife ” (2003), Oasis (2002), etc.

Kyung-sook has an equal impact in the show ” Queenmaker “. As she is a public rights lawyer, she is soo stubborn and emotionally weak but She has a fighting mindset. which makes her mayor at the end of this show.

Hope you got an idea about the character Kyung-sook in the ” Queenmaker” series which was released on Netflix. If want to know more about her, please let us know in the comments.


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