Saul Durand In “3 Body Problem” Actor Name: Netflix presents a fictional universal show named ‘3 Body Problems’. The show travels through past, present and future civilizations. The plot revolves around a war between Earth and three three-body solar system planets. The aliens from the tri-solar planet try their Nest to conquer the Earth with the help of a few people from the Earth, a bunch of intelligent physicists and government officials join hands to eliminate the Alien threat before arriving the Earth.

Saul Durand is an extremely talented physicist from Oxford University. He played a significant role in the show ‘3 Body Problem‘. Saul Durand worked as an assistant physicist under Dr. Vera. He is very much committed to his profession, he always looks for indefinite possibilities for better scientific results. Saul Durand is a very calm and loyal scientist of the world. Saul Durand sometimes works the whole day without getting any sleep, that much he is committed to his work.

Saul Durand is the last person Dr. Vera talked with before she committed suicide. He is also the last physicist to have a private conversation with Ye Wenjie before she left the country. Saul Durand’s close friend circle includes top physicists like Auggie Salazar, Jin Cheng, Will and Jack Rooney. Saul Durand has an emotional relationship with Auggie Salazar.

Whenever he is down, he looks for her for comfort. She is somehow less attached with him on busy days, but in the end, she cares for him very much. Saul Durand believed that attacking the Aliens are waste of time and resources. He always thought that this is a battle that humans couldn’t win against aliens. 400 years in the future is an irrelevant topic for him to involve, he thinks that he won’t be there to witness the war anyway.

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Saul Durand and Will had the best chemistry throughout the show. They used to share everything with each other. The death of Dr. Vera made him depressed for some time. Later, he had to face Jack Rooney’s death and Will’s hospitalization. Back-to-back bad moments happened in his life. Saul Durand took a break from his research and joined with Will.

He spends most of his time with Will and fulfils Will’s last wishes. Saul Durand motivated everyone from his gang in their worst times. Saul Durand dated many women in his life, but he never emotionally connected with the girls he met. But, deep inside he loves Auggie very much. Saul Durand always gets busy when Auggie calls him for comfort, that’s the main reason for the instability in their relationship.

Saul Durand’s last girlfriend met with an accident while crossing the road with him. At the same time, multiple auto-driven cars crashed in front of him. Somehow, he escaped from the attack from the enemies. Saul Durand was unaware of the enemies waiting to kill him.

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The Aliens marked him as a target and established an accident. Later, Clarence took him under protection and transferred him to another country. Saul Durand wore a bulletproof jacket to escape from enemies. He has been invited to the United Nations assembly, also the general secretary announced him as the third Wallfacer member to save the world from the San-Ti organisation.

Saul Durand eventually rejected the offer to join the mission, and later ended up getting shot by enemies. He survived the attack because of the bulletproof given by Clarence. He had an emotional breakdown during the last minutes of Will’s departure, Saul Durand comforted Will with a smile during the depressed situation.

That’s all about the character of Saul Durand from ‘3 Body Problems’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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