Who kidnapped Hal Wyler? :- Netflix’s original American TV series The Diplomat is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes. The American series is a political thriller created by Deborah Cahn.

Before knowing the answer, let’s have an overview of the story. The story is all about a lady who is selected as an ambassador of London and her struggle with political leaders in the middle of her problematic married life.

In Episode 1, when Kate went for a photo shoot for Vogue, Hal went with her as they wanted to be a perfect couple in front of everyone. After doing the photoshoot, when Hal was returning, he was injected with a drug by an unknown girl, and they took him away. In Episode 2, we know that he has been taken by Iran’s Deputy Minister Rasoul Shahin.

He also called Hal from Tehran and said sorry for the injection. After that, we get to know that the kidnapping was Hal’s plan because Shahin wants that, as Iran wasn’t behind this attack, by kidnapping, they said Hal, and that was actually planned.



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