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Who Killed Iranian Ambassador In ‘The Diplomat’ | Netflix | Explained

How did the Iranian Ambassador die? Was anyone behind this attack? :- Netflix’s original American TV series The Diplomat is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes. The American series is a political thriller created by Deborah Cahn. Before knowing the answer, let’s have an overview of the story.

The story is all about a lady who is selected as an ambassador of London and her struggle with political leaders in the middle of her problematic married life.

In Episode 4, when Iranian Ambassador Hajjar was giving information about the blast in HMS Courageous to Kate and Austin, he wrote the information on paper and immediately burned it. After that, suddenly he had some problems and asked for tea. Then we see that he felt difficulty in breathing, and suddenly the cup fell from his hand, and he collapsed on the floor.

After this incident, some thought it was Russia behind this attack, and some thought there was something in the tea. But in Episode 5, Eidra Park confirmed that no one was behind this attack, not Russians.

Iranian Ambassador Hajjar died because he had a heart attack. This is how Iranian Ambassador Hajjar died. The Diplomat is currently streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles.



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