“P.Kodandaramiah Real Person Story Dancing on the Grave Document Series: Prime Video’s newly released original documentary series, Dancing on the Grave, is based on the bone-chilling murder case of Shakereh Khaleeli in Bengaluru. P. Kodandaramiah was a former Inspector General of Police in Bengaluru.

From the documentary, we know that he was working as an Additional Director General of the Police Administration in the DG’s Office in 1993. During his posting in 1994, the second daughter of Shakereh, Sabah Khaleeli, went there to find out about her mom. If she had not put pressure on the police, they would have never searched for this case. He and Head Constable Mahadeva got some clues at an arrack shop, and they paid for their liquor. They found Raju, who worked as a laborer and made the wooden box. Raju got this order from Swami Shraddhananda.

As of now, no information is available about P.Kodandaramiah. There are chances that the real identity of the person isn’t shown in this series to maintain privacy. Hence, his name must be changed. We are still looking for more information about him and we will update it.

This was all about P. Kodandaramiah in the Prime Video show Dancing on the Grave. What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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