Who is ‘Viktor Sams’ In ‘Death And Other Details’?: Hulu presents a thriller investigation series. The plot revolves around a bunch of wealthy people travelling on a vacation, after a few days an unexpected murder happens on the cruise ship. An investigation will be conducted by the world’s greatest detective and a young woman to find the real culprit and secrets behind death from the past.

Death and Other Details is an intriguing investigation series. One of the biggest questions, the viewers asked was who is the real Viktor Sams. A cold-hearted alias who killed many elite people for money and revenge. The long-due question of who Viktor Sams is finally revealed.

Viktor Sams is the antagonist in this show, but somehow he sympathizes with himself as the victim but the majority of his actions are complex. At the end 9th episode of Death and other details, the creators revealed who is real Viktor Sams.

After years of frequent investigations and research, Rufus Coteworth and Imogene Scott finally cracked the real Viktor Sam’s identity.

Viktor Sams bought a whole cruise ship to take his revenge. Imogene Scott and her team came to a conclusion that Viktor Sams was present at the ship when it started sailing. Danny met Viktor Sams before his death, which means Viktor Sams ordered Winnie to kill him. Before Danny died, he had a conversation with Viktor Sams.

The death of Governor Alexandra and Llewellyn were organised and executed by Viktor Sams. Rufus Coteworth tried his best to find Viktor Sams in his entire career, being the world’s greatest detective but couldn’t solve a single case for a young girl made him quit his career.

The person who took charge as Agent Hilde is the real person behind Viktor Sams. She was there when the ship started sailing, and later Imogene Scott was confronted with questions. Hilde doesn’t have any personal vengeance against Colliers, to execute such a big plan it has to be some strong reason.

Imogene found out that her mother ‘Kira’ is the real Viktor Sams. Agent Hilde and Viktor Sams are alias of Kira. She fabricated her own death in front of her child to get away from Lawrence Collier. Kira found out the truth about the death that happened at Collier Mills in China. The extensive usage of Captionem Blue caused many workers to lose their lives. Kira wanted to expose these in public, but the governor opposed her request. This is why Viktor Sams aka Kira killed Governor Alexandra.

Viktor Sams bought the Cruise ship years ago to take her revenge. When Imogene Scott found out about the real identity of Viktor Sams, she cried and requested her to stop everything. Kira promised Imogene that she would stop everything. Viktor Sams has a bigger underworld organization, which blackmails elite people for money. Kira and Imogene Scott went far away for vacation, but Kira kept continuing her blackmail business.

Rufus Coteworth and Imogene Scott finally did the right thing to expose everything related to Viktor sams in front of Interpol. Viktor Sams admitted Danny’s murder as an accident, but it’s not acceptable in front of Rufus. After Interpol captured Viktor Sams, she escaped from the cops with the help of her organization. Viktor Sams made a deal with Anna Collier for much bigger plans in mind.

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