“Constellation” Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Apple Original presents an eight-episodic American sci-fi series  Constellation” is currently streaming now on the platform with only three episodes, the rest will come weekly. In this episode, we are going to discuss the recap of episode 6.

Before starting it let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. This is a story about a female astronaut Joe, after returning from space she is facing lots of unreal things. Let’s see what is exactly happening with her.

We see the same scenes where Paul doing the experiment with CAL looking at the new state of matter. Jo talking with her daughter Alice. Same scenes that we see in the first episode. But this time we are seeing Jo talking in the Swedish language. with some unfortunate emergency this time Jo died instead of Paul.

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Paul found her body. Jo died near the glass & blood came out from there. On the other side, the CAL machine is gone & Paul also finding it. This time Paul stays in the space station to find out CAL machine. Everything we are seeing now it’s from Paul’s POV he staying alone with Jo’s dead body. His tab records Jo’s voice along with her breathing but Jo is died. He getting readings from different Jo ( what exactly we saw in the first episode).

Later he asks Houston about the protocols for dealing with a dead body. He said Jo is badly lacerated & his concern is that when the body gets out of Zero-G he gonna have severe blood loss in the capsule during re-entry. He still getting the breathing sounds of Jo so moving her out from his capsule. Within a flash of a second, he saw The Jo from a different universe. Later he was trying to leave the space but his capsule got locked exactly what happened with Jo. Previously, Paul helped Jo to escape & this time Jo helped him.

Magnus was in the school teaching students when he got the information that Jo died. But he is afraid to inform her daughter. This time Erica gives comfort to Alice & asks her to stay with Wendy. Just the opposite of the first episode. She can’t bear the trauma of losing her mom. So, she hides in the cupboard & watches space videos. This Alice loves to stay in the cupboard. But sometimes she can see the visions of her mother.
She started talking about Ghosts with her friend Wendy. Where we see the joy on Wendy’s face when she hears that he is coming home.

Paul got a welcome party from everyone. People are happy to see him alive & Wendy too. Magnus told Alice that Paul left Jo’s body in the space. Young Jo is thinking about it but Magnus tells her to stop thinking. Alice said this is her home with them so she must return.

Paul sees Jo sometimes & sometimes his pic as he died. Later Alice asks him why didn’t he take Jo’s body with him. Paul said Alice’s mother was badly injured so he wasn’t able to take her body. His fellow spacemen suggest he do the psychic evaluation. But Paul refused to do that.

We see the exact scene where Wendy & Alice started playing in the garage. But things are different this time. As she threw her own rabbit & started quarrelling with Wendy. Later we see Paul giving a mission briefing. He tried to describe what is CAL. It’s Cold Atomic Laboratory. It’s an RPL EXPERIMENT & ITS NASA’s experiment.. right before the collision he was locked in the lasers with Audrey. He realised that people are not discussing about CAL project as the project was abandoned 12 years ago.

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Frederic asks him why he left Jo’s body in the space station. Paul was ordered to leave her there by Houston it’s based on his assessment. Later he was watching the Apollo 18 mission & knew about Bud ( who is exactly what Henry is ). He later meets with Bud’s assistant asking her that he wants to meet with Henry but the lady says it’s Commander Bud. Bud actually built the CAL. the lady said nobody knew about this machine. Paul said before the collision the last thing he was doing was tuning the Lasers on the CAL. He also said he was being instructed by Henry Caldera of the Rocket Proportion Lab. He thinks that’s everyone trying to cover up.

He confused the name of his wife. He understood that her name was Erica. Later his behaviour is very unbearable for Wendy & Erica. Paul got the visions of Jo. We see Alice found lots of gifts in the dining room. She tried to destroy them. In her room, we can’t See the Piano also but she can hear it. So, it’s exactly like to
Different worlds collide together. This time Magnus started talking with a psychiatrist. He is worrying about his child’s mental health.

Memorial Day comes up. We see Magnus sitting in front of his wife’s photo. But he is unable to find out his daughter. He started to find her & realised that she is hiding in a cupboard. He requested Alice to come down as everyone came to talk about a few words about Jo. Alice is talking in Swedish & she thinks that her mother is still alive. Paul & her family reach into the funeral. Paul is unable to go into the house & he feels bad every time for leaving his friend Jo. Erica said it’s not his fault as he was instructed to do so but Paul said it was just an excuse.

Paul broke badly but later he joined the funeral party. He asked Wendy about Alice but she said that Alice is feeling jealous of him. Wendy takes out Alice & informs her that her father thinks that Jo may be Alice but he left her in the space. Then we see a different Alice standing there exactly as we saw in the previous episodes. But this time the Alice of that verse & Paul also can see her & after watching her he fainted. Then both Alice started looking at each other & existing Alice after being unable to see her mother started calling ” Mama, Mama”. Alice requests her father that she wants to go to the cabin to meet her mother. Magnus agreed to this.

We see paul is missing & this time Buds meet Erica & requests her to send Paul into the high-altitude psychosis programme. Alice with her father Magnus went to their Swedish cabin. The whole place was covered with snow. Alice suggests to her father to go over the lake but Magnus doesn’t want to do it. So she comes out to walk over the snowy lake.

The young girl along with her father reach into the cabin after a long walk. She started watching the painting in the cabin the painting always changes over time. Magnus started crying as he was unable to do his duty as a good husband. He requested Alice to understand that she had died & he wanted to start a new one.

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On the other side, Paul went to meet with Bud. He started to ask questions to Bud as his room was full of the Apollo 18 news. He starts to pressure Bud asking him why he is in this small apartment but their quarrel goes to another level so Bud takes out a gun & shoots ( we didn’t see whether it shoots at Paul or not).

Alice in the cabin sleeping there & suddenly she heard a car’s approaching. She went down to see & saw it was her mother Jo on the outside.

That’s how this episode ended. Six episodes of Constellation are currently streaming now on Apple TV in the English language along with subtitles.



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