‘A Killer Paradox’ Blind Girl Explained” Netflix presents an eight-episodic Korean drama named ‘ A Killer Paradox’. The show is a psychological crime thriller drama with a dark superhero concept. The plot revolves around a boy, who accidentally kills a serial killer and becomes a dark superhero who seeks justice for society. The rest of the Story tells about his murders and survival.

Seon Yeo ok was a significant character in the first three episodes of the show. Yeo ok is a psychopath with zero emotions. Yeo Ok character is portrayed by Jung Yi Seo. Yi Seo is a new-generation South Korean actress with a couple of drama roles. She was known for her role in the Netflix show, All of Us Are Dead and popular drama, Snow Drop. Yeo ok character has so many hidden depths.

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On the outside, she looks like a complete blind but actually, she’s not completely blind. When she was a teenage girl, she was addicted to smoking. During her hangout with her teenage friends, everyone was sitting inside an apartment, she turned on the lighter to smoke, but unfortunately, there was a gas leakage inside the room, and the room got blasted away. Because of the unfortunate incident, Yeo ok almost lost her left eye. She always wears sunglasses in public.

Seon Yeo OK is a clever lady with a criminal background. During her young years, she applied for insurance in her parent’s name. She killed her parents brutally and put their bodies on the ground near the apartment. She is an emotionless psychopath who does anything for money. She never cared about anyone. She had a dog with her, she only talked with the dog most of the time.

Yeo ok witnessed Lee Tang killing the serial killer on the street. She started blackmailing him by asking two million won for every month as a payment to stay silent about the murder. Lee Tang got offended at the situation and hit her with the hammer.

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In her whole life, she never had happiness with anyone, she never mingled with anyone. For money, she stabbed her parents to death, a normal person would never do such a thing to their parents. She was living on a different world of her rules. She never takes advice from anyone other than herself.



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