Peacock Original presents a ten-episode post-apocalyptic American action series, which is currently streaming on the Peacock app & SonyLIV, along with English audio & subtitles.
Before discussing the answer, let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. The story is originally a live-action adaptation of the famous Racing-action game of Sony Playstation named “Twisted Metal.”

The story is about a driver who accepts a job to deliver a secret package in San Francisco. But during his journey, he faces a lot of troubles in the post-apocalyptic world.

John Doe is a professional delivery boy in this series; he delivers anything, anywhere without any complications. That’s why he is famous all around the apocalyptic world. Raven sees his working performance, so one day when John Doe goes to New San Francisco to deliver some medicines, the guards stop him.

They say that the COO of New San Francisco, Ms. Raven, is interested to meet with John Doe. Raven wants to test John’s performance more accurately, so she appoints him to bring a mysterious package from Chicago to New San Francisco.

That’s the first time when Raven meets with John Doe in New San Francisco because she wants to check on him.

So, that’s all you were asking to know. In case you have more queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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