Sweet Tooth In ‘Twisted Metal’: Sweet Tooth is a crucial character in this series. As people want to know more about him, we will discuss the actor who played the character of Sweet Tooth along with an explanation of his role.

In the series, the character “Sweet Tooth” is portrayed by Samoa Joe, a 44-year-old American wrestler. This is his first work in a web series, and that’s all we know about him.

Sweet Tooth is a psychopathic killer clown. In his childhood, he was a junior actor for a sitcom show, but he was never appreciated for his work. One day, he killed a dog during a live telecast, which led him to become a psychopath.

Later, he was sent to an asylum where he killed his parents and locked them away. Sweet Tooth never aligned with anyone’s side; he came to help John Doe and kill Agent Stone, but his madness led to the death of John’s teammate. After that, Mike and STU killed Sweet Tooth.

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That’s all about Sweet Tooth. I hope your queries are cleared. If not, you can ask in the comment section.



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