Will Alice start talking? Is her little brother alive or dead? Will she accept Sally and move on? Let’s find out everything in this episode-wise recap.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart Episode 3: On a new morning, Alice is not in her room. She writes a letter to June saying, “You lied.” We see her in an old hut, where everyone finally finds her, but she has already read Clem Hart’s book, and now she is angry at June. As June hides the truth that her mother, Agnes Hart, also lived there.

Sally speaks about the past, how she was with Clem but didn’t know that he was already married. After that, she met John. John takes notes of everything Sally says. She informed Clem, but she didn’t get any reply. After hearing everything, John informs Sally that he will leave her. Sally wants the custody papers of Alice and is coming to “Thornfield” to meet with Alice and take her.

June doesn’t want to let Alice go with Sally, but Alice is upset with her. To make everything alright, June finally informs Alice that her mother, Agnes, used to live there. June talks about Agnes’s past, saying, “After a car accident that killed her parents, little Agnes first came to Thornfield. She was an orphan too, and June loved her a lot. Thornfield became her home, and she fell in love with Clem.” June gives Alice a locket of her mother’s with a sign of “Sturt’s Desert Pea,” which symbolizes “Have courage, take heart.” June still misses her parents, and Alice will speak everything she knows about them when she starts talking.

Little Alice has lots of questions, but she isn’t getting answers until she starts speaking. Alice starts doing gardening, perhaps the first step toward her beginning to talk. She starts to bond with others except for June. One day, Agnes sees Candy studying her father’s diary, and Alice wonders why she is so interested in Clem.

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Alice speaks about the scar mark she saw on her dad’s and Candy’s hand. Candy replies, “It was a stupid dare game.” Later, Alice asks, “Who was the dad of her father?” Candy knows about a man known as a “Robber Baron.” June and the robber met near a river while June was swimming, and the robber was camping there. They used to meet often, but one day, the robber never returned because he was caught by the police for stealing from the rich to help the poor. After Clem was born, she never saw the robber again.

After that, June teaches Alice about bees and explains the hidden meaning of other flowers, such as “Rosemary: Remembrance,” “Marigold: Grief,” “Basil: Hatred,” “Kangaroo Paw: Childhood games & play,” “Fannel Flower: Look it up. Kangaroo Paw was a favorite flower of Clem.”

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

While she is learning about flowers, a girl comes with a young baby, symbolizing a “new flower.” Twig has two children, Johnny and Nina, but they were taken away because Twig was young and poor. Along with Twig, Alice goes to a place where Twig plants flowers to honor those who died. Alice misses her parents and also the young baby boy who failed to come into this world.

Alice soon starts taking care of that newborn baby, whose mother is Dina. Dina also starts enjoying her time with others. One day, Alice starts learning to drive with June. She is now happier than before. June is looking for a lawyer who can help Alice stay with her.

John takes the baby idol of Gemma with him, along with all the other idols made by Clem, and stores them in the evidence room.

On the other side, Sally tries to contact Alice, claiming she has some important secrets about Alice’s parents that could help her. Sally starts an investigation on “Thornfield,” but it seems that nobody wants to talk about it. So, locals think she must have gone crazy as they cannot reach Thornfield.

But, luckily, she finds Oggi and reaches the school where Alice came to study. There she finally sees Candy along with Alice, so she starts following Candy and eventually reaches Thornfield.

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She meets with June to talk with her because she badly wants to meet with Alice. Sally wants to talk with Alice and see her; otherwise, she will not leave that place. Sally goes inside with June, and there she finds out that Thornfield is a flower farm, which is a safe place only for women. June tells Sally that Gemma’s police and lawyer can harm all the girls living there. Sally thinks Alice is traumatized and that this place isn’t suitable for her.

Later, she comes to the conclusion that they must ask Alice what she wants. Sally and June go to take Alice from school, but when Alice sees her, she becomes upset, indicating that she is happy now at Thornfield. Sally becomes upset as she has lost everything; she lost John just for Alice and is now unable to get her. Emotionally broken, Sally calls John because she wants to get back to him. Sally returns to him and says, “Sorry.” John accepts her and wants to start a new life, a new family.

A new morning comes, and Alice wakes up hallucinating her mom, who says, “Happy birthday.” So, it’s Alice’s birthday, but she gets a heartbroken gift as Dina and her baby (Joshie) leave Thornfield. Alice was happy for that young baby, but as he leaves, Alice becomes emotionally broken and starts yelling. Oggi meets her near the river and wishes her a happy birthday. He gives her a storybook of “The Little Mermaid,” and Alice replies, “Thank you.” So, finally, after the incident, she gets back her voice. It’s the biggest gift for her, and she celebrates her birthday with everyone.

After the celebration, Alice starts questioning June about her parents. Later, we see the past of Candy. She was actually with Clem. One day, they both went into the greenhouse and cut their hands as a “sign.” On the other side, someone wrote the name “Alice” on the bark of the tree where Alice’s parents’ names were written.

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At the end of the episode, June receives an urgent call from the hospital. Here, we get a surprise, as previously, the show informed us that Alice’s brother died in her mom’s womb. But the doctor informs June that he’s breathing now and his vitals are strong. The episode ends with lots of mystery: since Thornfield is a place only for girls, will June accept her grandson? She also makes an urgent call to John about something, so it might be about her grandson. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode.



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