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Where Is Ajit Body In Jaane Jaan? | Netflix

Netflix’s newly released film, “Jane Jaan,” was a good thriller with some predictable yet entertaining twists and turns. By the end of the film, there are a few questions that still haunt the main audiences and viewers. One of the burning questions in the film is, where is Ajit’s body? What happened to it? What did Naren do with it?

Please note that there are spoilers ahead, and if you haven’t seen the film yet, I would suggest you stop reading from here.

Now, jumping to the question, where is Ajit’s body? Let’s have a quick recap of what happened so far. We already know that it’s all part of Naren’s plan. He is in love with Maya, and that’s why he made up this entire story and plan so that Maya and her daughter can go freely and live their lives. He exchanged Ajit’s body with another dead body and then kept the comb used by the second person in the hotel so that the DNA would match, and the plan would work out well for him.

What Happened To Ajit’s Body?

Till the end, there is no clue about Ajit’s body, and the makers and creators have left the movie with an open ending. Like many other movies (such as “Andhadhun” and “Talwar”), where the ending is left open, it is up to the readers and viewers to assume the ending based on their thought process, and Sujoy Ghosh has done the same with this film too. There can be various theories, and here, we are going to tell you some theories about Ajit’s body.

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The first and common theory is that in police records, Ajit’s body has already been found, so it’s not a big issue for Naren to burn or dump that body anywhere. Since the police are not looking for Ajit anymore, even if the body is found, no one is going to investigate it from Ajit’s angle. So, there is a high chance that he has buried or burned that body somewhere.

Another theory is that the body is inside Naren’s house. Although this theory has lots of loopholes, there may be a chance that the body is still inside Naren’s house.

What are your theories about it? Please let us know in the comments, and we will update our blog with your name. For a more detailed review and recap of the movie, you can check our other articles too.


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