What Is KYAL? ‘Bodies’ Ending Explained: The final episode of Netflix’s sci-fi thriller “Bodies” had an open ending, which kind of completed the show and also left us with some questions.

I’m going to explain to you about the KYAL sign that lights up in a building at the end of the “Bodies” show. KYAL means “Know You Are Loved” and is one of the most frequently spoken phrases in the “Bodies” show.

What’s the meaning of KYAL in “Bodies”?

KYAL, which stands for “Know You Are Loved,” is one of the most frequently quoted lines by the “Bodies” series antagonist, Elias Mannix. Elias Mannix wants to create his own utopia, so he time travels to 1889. He then begins making money and starts his own cult. The cult will do anything for him. Elias Mannix always says “Know You Are Loved,” and the words seem to convey that you are not alone in this world and that some people love you. My theory suggests that he is saying these words to his younger self, who is disturbed and mentally ill.

KYAL Tower “Bodies” Ending Explained

Time traveling is very confusing, and “Bodies” time traveling is mind-bending. At the end of “Bodies,” Shahara and other detectives create a chain reaction that stops the loop of Elias. He even disappears, and everything goes back to normal. If Elias is dead, then why did we see the KYAL Tower?

The “Bodies” show is very complicated because of its loop concept. So, I apologize if my theory doesn’t make sense. According to me, Elias didn’t start the cult; it was someone else who started it or a cult member of Elias. The cult member might have remembered everything about their plans and didn’t forget anything after the loop break. He again starts the KYAL cult and follows the path of Elias Mannix.

In the future, when time traveling is possible, the cult goes back in time to destroy that last recording of Elias for his younger version, which again starts the loop. It’s called the Bootstrap Paradox, a time loop that doesn’t have any starting point.

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