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Burning Betrayal Plot Summary and Ending Explained | Netflix

Burning Betrayal Plot Summary: Netflix’s original film ‘Burning Betrayal’ originally titled as ‘O lado bom de ser traída’ is now streaming on the platform. The film is a A-rated film and is around 90 minutes long. Here goes the recap, Summary, and ending of the film.

The story of the film begins with a bike accident, where we see Babi and Marco racing on their bikes, and then Marco falls to the ground. Babi helps Marco get up, and they go to a warehouse where they become physically involved, and the film begins from this point.

The story now jumps to a few years later, and we see that Babi is in a relationship with Caio. Babi and Caio are planning their marriage, which is set to happen in the next few weeks. It’s important to note that they both own the company, with Babi being the major shareholder. Meanwhile, the company becomes embroiled in some legal trouble, and Caio and Babi go to court.

Here, Babi sees that the judge is “Marco Ladeia” (whom she had a physical encounter with a few years ago), and she is shocked to see him. Later, we see that Babi is organizing a bachelor party with her friends Patricia, Thiago, and others. While they are enjoying the party, Babi receives an unnamed gift. When she opens it, she is shocked to find Caio’s photographs with some other women.

Babi breaks into Caio’s office the same night and finds a letter and a ring, learning about a girl named Nicole. Caio had been cheating on Babi with a woman named Nicole, and they had been in a relationship for the past two years. Babi is completely devastated and doesn’t leave her room for 2-3 days. A few days later, she decides to cut all ties with Caio and cancel the contract with him for her company, but Thiago advises her not to do so.

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Babi receives a call from Marco’s office, informing her that she has left her folder in the court, and it’s now with them. Babi goes to retrieve her purse and meets Marco again, telling him everything about Caio and their relationship. On the other hand, we also see that Marco’s ex-girlfriend is following and stalking him. Babi rejoins the bike club and encounters Marco there since he is also a member. Babi and Marco have a conversation, which eventually leads to a kiss, and in the midst of all this, Marco receives a phone call and leaves. They meet again that night, and this time they become physically involved.

The next morning, Babi discovers video clips of her with Marco on her computer, but she has no clue who is behind all this. That same night, she learns that Caio has been involved in illegal activities through her company, opening numerous accounts in the company’s name. Later on, Marco invites Babi to his house for dinner, and they have a great time. Babi notices a child’s room in Marco’s house but chooses to ignore it. Later, we see that Marco and Babi become physically involved again. While they are sleeping together, Marco’s wife comes to the house, and Babi is shocked to see her. Babi leaves the house, and on her way home, she is hit by a car.

The next day, Babi asks Thiago to file a complaint against Caio. Thiago says he will pick her up in the evening, and they will go to the judge. Later, we learn that Thiago is the main mastermind behind all of this. It was all part of his plan, and he was the one who hit Babi, spied on her, and leaked the pictures of Caio. We also see that Marco discovers Thiago’s intentions to harm Babi.

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Thiago picks Babi up and takes her to a jungle, where he attempts to kill her. Caio is also present, but he does not want to kill Babi. So, first, Thiago kills Caio. When Thiago is about to kill Babi, Marco arrives at the location, and Thiago shoots him as well. At the last moment, a police officer arrives at the scene and shoots Thiago dead. The film ends with a happy ending as Marco and Babi begin to live together.



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