Ye Wenjie In ‘3 Body Problem’ Actress Name: Netflix presents an eight-episodic science fiction experimental show called ‘3 Body Problem’. The show deals with different periods of human lives, starting from the past, the show travels through the present and future in the afterwards.

The plot revolves around a group of Aliens from a tripolar solar system announcing war with the Scientists of modern Earth. In 400 years, the Aliens will invade the Earth with their latest technologies, and the scientists from Earth take an extreme task to protect the extinction of humanity is the rest of the story.

Ye Wenjie is a highly important character from the show ‘3 Body Problem‘. The story revolves and started from Ye Wenjie’s character, which gives her the upper hand importance in the show. Ye Wenjie’s character had great relevance in the past and the present. Her young days were spent in China and old age was spent mostly at foreign countries. Ye Wenjie’s character is portrayed by two actors to differentiate between past and present. The younger Ye Wenjie role is portrayed by an emerging actress Zine Tseng.

This role is the only notable work from her newly started career. The present-aged version of Ye Wenjie’s role is acted by well-known actress Rosalind Chao. She’s a veteran actress with so many notable television shows such as The First Lady, Sweet Tooth, Better Things and the popular Chinese movie Mulan.

In the younger days, Ye Wenjie was a college astrophysicist in China. During her teenage, Ye Wenjie witnessed her father being murdered by a red guard. Hundreds of people raised their voices against her father at that time, her father was always loyal to science, and even his wife accused him of scientific crimes. Ye Wenjie’s mother and other government officials accused Ye Wenjie’s father of teaching reactionary materials in his class. Ye Wenjie was traumatized by her father’s death and later her mother also died.

She worked in a forest as a construction company worker. One of the guards from the company introduced an English book to her, once the superior caught it, they put her in prison. Ye Wenjie later transferred to Red Coast base which is situated on a huge mountaintop.

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Ye Wenjie is very intelligent and had great English knowledge during her young days in China. She used to decipher codes and transmit signals to the other ends. One day she found out that transmitting direction through the sun will bring better results. Ye Wenjie secretly tried to transmit signals and ended up receiving signals from the outer world.

The San-Ti organisation contacted her and warned her during the secret conversation. Ye Wenjie struggled a lot in her life, she was tortured, beaten and disrespected by society. Ye Wenjie felt the aliens from another planet would make the Earth into a better world.

From that day, she started her mission to bring the San-Ti organisation into the Earth. Ye Wenjie blindly believed the words of the Lord, she thought everything happened for a reason and the Lord is seeing everything. During the China period, she met with Mike Evans inside a forest, he had almost similar thoughts to Ye Wenjie, when she got out of China, she met Mike Evans with her new plans.

Ye Wenjie later committed to Mike Evans, and they have one child and that is Dr Vera. In her whole life, she never introduced Mike Evans to their daughter. Ye Wenjie doesn’t have any emotional bond with anyone, she is a self-caring person. Her actions were sometimes selfish and never thinks about the after-effects of her actions. Ye Wenjie was arrested by the police during the London summit with Jin Cheng. Ye Wenjie thought the Lord deliberately allowed the cops to catch her.

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But later, Ye Wenjie found out that the Lord think of her as a liar just like every human being. The deaths of her daughter Dr.Vera and her husband Mike Evans didn’t make her depressed. Ye Wenjie witnessed the changes happening around the world after the invasion of Sophon inside the Earth. At the end of the season, Ye Wenjie left for her country to look back on the memories she made at the Red Coast base.

That’s all about the character of Ye Wenjie from ‘3 Body Problems’. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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