Wedding Impossible Ending Explained: Amazon Prime presents a romantic South Korean drama called ‘Wedding Impossible’. This love drama tells the story of two brothers from a rich family who get trapped under the orders of their grandfather.

The elder brother makes a deal with a middle-class girl to marry him for a short span of time to get away from the duties his grandfather going to impose on him. Unexpectedly, the younger brother develops feelings for the same girl which leads to many issues within the family.

Episode 12 begins with the busy new life of Na A Jeong. She is working on her portfolio and getting many chances in television and advertisements. She kept moving forward with her career after breaking up with Lee Ji Han. Meanwhile, Lee Ji Han working on his new business with his new friend, but he is still missing Na A Jeong deeply. One year passed through, Na A Jeong earned some good roles in television shows and became financially stable.

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She takes care of her family very well. One day, Lee Ji Han went to his mother’s memorial home, and Na A Jeong also came there to pray for his mother. They both went for s dinner and started talking about their life after a breakup.

Na A Jeong was leaving the place, she gave an umbrella to Lee Ji Han. She tells him not to get wet during the rain because he hates it. When Lee Ji Han reached his apartment, he played on one of her television shows and kept talking to the screen. After one year of New York life, Lee Do Han returns home. He is happy and positive in his new life, fully concentrated on his artwork now. Na A Jeong reaches the airport to welcome Lee Do Han.

They seem happy and continue their beautiful friendship. Na A Jeong already bought a car by herself, she took Lee Do Han to his apartment. Meanwhile, the LJ group changed a lot in the last year, Lee Do Han’s father has been arrested for the murder of his mother. His grandfather resigned from the Chairman position and gave authority to his secretary.

Meanwhile, at home, Lee Ji Han made some good dishes to welcome Lee Do Han. While talking with Lee Do Han, Lee Ji Han gets a call from his grandfather. He goes to a fishing camp with his grandfather and he gets a positive response from his grandfather to continue his relationship with Na A Jeong. Later that night, Lee Ji Han went to meet Na A Jeong at her house, after seeing her family, he stayed inside the car in front of her house.

The Next day morning, Na A Jeong came out of her house to go for the shooting, and she saw Lee Ji Han inside the car. She asks for a lift to go to the shooting location because her manager is absent. At the shooting spot, she is getting ready for the next scene, she explains that it’s a kissing sequence she’s going to shoot. Lee Ji Han felt jealous and worried when she was having a romantic scene with her co-star.

Na A Jeong explains to him that it’s just an act she’s going to do, also nothing going on inside her mind while doing it. Her friends get worried about Na A Jeong, they tell Lee Ji Han to stay away from her life and lie to him that she’s committed to her co-star. Quickly he left the shooting spot in a depressed state. Meanwhile, Yoon Chae Won has been assigned by her father for her next date, she meets a random businessman and denies further dating.

At the restaurant, she meets a new businessman, he proposes to her first but she denies him also. She gets a call from Lee Ji Han to have drinks with him. That night, Lee Ji Han completely got drunk and Yoon Chae Won calls Na A Jeong to carry him to his house.

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After getting drunk completely, Lee Ji Han once again confesses his feelings for Na A Jeong, and also he confirms that he didn’t move on from loving her. The next day morning, he met with Na A Jeong’s family and consented to continue with the relationship. Somehow, they also accepted his request. Yoon Chae Won once again met the last guy from her date, she slowly bonded with him, and eventually, they got close to each other. Na A Jeong’s brother-in-law publishes his first book and moves out of her house.

Lee Do Han talks with his ex-boyfriend, and he says sorry for his rude behaviour in the past. At the end of the finale episode, Na A Jeong is in a shooting for a wedding scene for a television show, during the shoot, sudden rain appears. Lee Ji Han comes out of nowhere and takes away Na A Jeong from the shooting location. Both of them run away during the heavy rainfall.

The season Thua concludes with a happy ending, where Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han are officially into a relationship.



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