Bodkin Season 2 Release Date: Netflix presents ‘Bodkin’, a mystery investigation thriller series. The plot revolves around a place called Bodkin, few people have gone missing for two decades. Years later, a famous podcaster and two journalists team up together to make a podcast about the truths behind the unexplained disappearances from the past.

Bodkin is a crime thriller investigation drama presented by Netflix. The first season ended with a proper ending for the show. The first season concentrated on the investigation of the missing persons from Bodkin. Dove, the journalist from the Guardian editorial ended up in a crime location of an informant. She got transferred to Bodkin by her chief. The famous Podcaster Gilbert hires Dove and Emmy to do the groundwork.

The residents of Bodkin were silent on this particular topic, none of them wanted to open up for the podcast. From the third episode, the track of the story completely changed and many thrilling elements started revealing. Dove found out that there’s something going on with Seamus. In the end the podcasters found out the truth about the missing persons. They traced a car from the river with two dead bodies.

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The finale episode discovered many truths regarding the disappearance of people. Teddy killed Malachy and his father Sergeant Powers buried his body inside his car. A traveller woman was also passed through the place, Sergeant powers killed her and buried her along with Malachy. Fiona went missing for two decades, but actually, she was dead by giving childbirth to Sean.

At the end of the first season, Gilbert completes his podcast about Bodkin’s case and throws it away into the lake. Meanwhile, Dove loses her job and eventually, Emmy grabs it with her skills. Dove started her own podcast venture, starting from the orphanage where she grew up. The next season will concentrate on a different mysterious case. Dove and Gilbert will once again team up for another podcast in the next season.

The second season of the Bodkin series will probably be released next year. The makers already planned for another season while shooting the first season itself. The main cast will be the same for next season too. Dove and Gilbert will definitely reunite for another case in season 2.

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Netflix didn’t announce anything regarding the renewal of the show, but considering the positive response for the show, they will soon announce the release date and renewal.

The complete episodes from the first season are currently streaming on Netflix in multiple languages.



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