Wedding Impossible Episode 11: Amazon Prime presents ‘Wedding Impossible’ a triangle love drama show. The south Korean drama is just another romance comedy with the usual storytelling. The plot revolves around two siblings from a rich family who mingle with a middle-class girl to escape from their grandfather’s future plans.

The elder brother makes a deal with the woman to marry him for three years to escape from the company chairman role, younger brother unknowingly starts to have feelings for the same girl, who’s going to marry his brother. This triangular relationship meets many hurdles and the rest of the story deals with the same.

Episode 11 opens with a public press meeting by Lee Ji Han. The reporters surrounded him with some complex questions about the character of Na A Jeong. Lee Ji Han openly admits that he is the one who chased Na A Jeong, even after knowing her relationship with his brother Lee Do Han. Lee Ji Han also confirms that whatever the media is spreading is completely untrue.

Na A Jeong was shocked while watching Lee Ji Han’s press meeting on television. Lee Ji Han openly states that he loves Na A Jeong very deeply, she doesn’t love him back too. Na A Jeong gets depressed after seeing him telling lies about their relationship, she suddenly rushes towards the conference hall in her homely outfit. Na A Jeong ran inside the conference hall, but the reporters and Lee Ji Han already left the place after the press meeting.

Meanwhile, at another conference hall, Lee Do Han came for his speech at a press meeting, and he witnessed many empty seats at the venue. His grandfather came to the hall after cancelling the press meeting. Lee Do Han wants to publicly announce his gender of attraction. His grandfather opposes his idea of announcing his relationship with men. The chairman already knows about it for a long time, he put surveillance on his family. That night, Na A Jeong goes to Lee Ji Han’s house to meet him.

Lee Do Han also arrives at his house and convinces Na A Jeong to forget about the situation. Later, she went back to her house, at the house her whole was worried about her and had been waiting for her for hours. When she reaches the house, her family consoles her. Na A Jeong explains to her family that she faked her relationship with Lee Do Han. Her mother is shocked after learning the truth about her fake marriage preparation.

Lee Ji Han came back to his house to have a conversation with Lee Do Han. They seem to understand each other’s situations, and both of them want to protect Na A Jeong from the media attacks. After the conversation, Lee Ji Han tells his wish to Lee Do Han, he wants to completely forget about Na A Jeong, and she should forget about him also.

Later, he left the house alone into a distant place. The next day morning, Lee Ji Han reaches at the same place where he spent time with Na A Jeong. He cherishes the memories of her talking at the seashore. He felt disappointed when everything ended up like this. Na A Jeong on the other side, cries in front of her family and mother, she says sorry to her family for doing such a miserable thing.

Na A Jeong stayed at her all day waiting for the replies from Lee Ji Han. He didn’t reply to any of her text messages from the press meeting. Na A Jeong’s besties came to her house to convince her to eat something.

But she was adamant that, without any replies from Lee Ji Han, she wouldn’t eat anything. Next day, Lee Do Han’s grandfather called Na A Jeong for a conversation at his office. He tells her to continue with the marriage between her and Lee Do Han. He wants to protect his company and Lee Do Han at all costs, but Na A Jeong rejects his request.

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She cares for Lee Ji Han very much and she made a decision not to marry Lee Do Han. The next day, Na A Jeong went to meet Lee Ji Han at a random place where they shared great memories. Lee Ji Han is walking in the middle of an agricultural field and suddenly hears the voice of Na A Jeong from behind. They are having a conversation in the middle of the day, and he tells her to stop loving him, after having some farewell time, Na A Jeong leaves the place.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Han’s sister finds surveillance footage from the day of her mother’s death. She saw her father in the video, leaving the accident spot after deliberately hitting the car. She gets shocked and starts crying. Later, Lee Ji Han met with his grandfather and had a conversation with him. His grandfather convinced him that, Lee Ji Han’s mother died because of him.

During the accident, his grandfather came to the spot and tried to save his mother first. But his mother insisted on saving Lee Ji Han first. His grandfather took Lee Ji Han to his car, in the meantime, the car exploded and she died immediately.

At the end of the episode, Lee Ji Han went to his mother’s memorial home and prayed for her. At the same time, Na A Jeong came looking for Lee Ji Han at the same place. They looked at each other eyes during the rain.

The overall eleventh episode was very emotional. The conflict between the brothers and Na A Jeong is sorted out in this episode. The episode has an unexpected twist regarding Lee Ji Han’s mother’s accident. The series is almost nearing the finale, which will happen on the next episode. Let’s wait and see how the finale goes.



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