Wedding Impossible Episode 2 : Amazon Prime presents another rom-com Korean drama with sixteen episodes. Do-han is asked by his grandfather to get married to Chae Won who is from the Taeyang Group family in order to make him as next successor of LJ Group. But Do-han already have a boyfriend and he is not interested in marrying her. To avoid more questions and issues Do-han asks his friend A-Jung to get married to him in a contract for 3years for money whatever she asks.

A-jung is a junior artist who lost their job, she says okay for the marriage and what happens later is the plot of this drama.

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Episode 2 starts with a flashback of Ji-han and Do-han as kids at their grandfather’s home. After their mother’s death, grandfather asked his daughter’s husband to adopt them too. Everyone gathered at the party waiting for Do-han, suddenly Chae Won got to the stage and started to speak to get some time for Do-han to come to the stage. A-Jung asks to tell her what’s really happening here to help him on this thing. Do-Han gives her his car key and tells her to sit there and go to the stage.

Three unknown guys came asking for A-jung, they said she had been called by Choi Min Woong. Suddenly Ji-han comes there with a cloth covering his head and runs away with her in Do-han’s car. Next, we see A-jung coming out of bed in Do-han’s house. Ji-han sitting in the sofa waiting for her. She had a headache, she asked why she is there. Ji-han tells her the flashback of her jumping out of the car suddenly and getting hit at the head.

Do-han came and asked A-Jung for her favour. She refuses to be his wife and she says it will be a big problem if his grandfather get to know the reality. A meeting happened to find ways to stop Do-han from being the next successor. Later Ji-han meets A-jung and offers some money to not do what Do-han asked for. She told him she wouldn’t accept Do-han’s offer. At night A-jung and Ji-han meet up and start drinking. They drank too much and lost their balance.

The chairman was waiting at the way to meet her. But A-jung and Ji-han got in the car very drunk. They started spitting truths about her relationship and Ji-han about his grandfather. The next day Do-han was called to the table where A-jung and Ji-han were sitting there eating breakfast with their grandfather.

Grandfather asked them the truth of all this, Do-han tried to tell lies but not work. All of a sudden A-jung sit on the floor and said sorry for all things and she said she would break up with Do-han. Later Chae Won and Ji-han meet at the beach, and they talk about Do-han. Chae Won likes Ji-han but Ji-han is trying to set Chae Won with his brother. Ji-han asks Chae Won a favour for A-jung without her knowing. A-jung gets an offer for a drama as second lead actress replacing another artist by the recommendation of Chae Won. A-jung gives a party to her friends for getting this role and comes very drunk to her home. Everyone at home swears at her for drinking and making a scene at home.

A-jung went for a shooting spot which is in a mall. Ji-han is also there, and they two meet there. A-jung go to the washroom, at that time some guys at the set start talking about the sudden actress change. They say A-jung came all of a sudden by the recommendation of replacing another girl. A-Jung hears it comes out, she asks if it is true that she also got part of nepotism. As the shooting started she started crying and went out. She looked very sad and angry about it. While she was walking on the street Ji-han came there following her in a car.

She says she doesn’t need anyone’s recommendations as she needs to earn her position not by nepotism. Ji-han says sorry for her but she curse him that he will also get to a point like this in future and at that time he will remember her. A-Jung calls Do-han and says she will accept the offer to marry him and she walks away.

Overall this episode was very good, many things happened in a single episode. It was fun on this episode. The last episode was almost a plain episode, but this has some unexpected things happened. Now she accepted the offer makes it more interesting to wait for the next episode.



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