Wedding Impossible Episode 1: Amazon Prime presents its next romance Korean drama ‘Wedding Impossible’.  We are covering the episode-wise recaps for all the Korean drama nowadays and here goes the Recap and ending explained for episode 1 of the show. Please note that there are spoilers ahead.

The story revolves around LJ group a leading established company chairman deciding for his grandson as the next successor. But in order to get in the position he needs to marry Taeyang Group’s Chae-won. But Do-han asks his friend A-jung to be his wife contract for 3 years to avoid it.

The episode starts with a wedding ceremony. A marriage is happening, the friend of the wedding girl is singing a song for her and trying to impress the wedding boy for her as a friend. After the wedding, the wedding girl sends A-jung money by phone. Apparently, A-jung was a fake friend, who came for money to act like her real friend to impress the guy by showing she has a great friend.

Next, we see Ji-han acting like he is innocent and sad and making his friend sign papers to sell the place. He gets very happy and comes out, but suddenly he gets hit by A-jung when he turns back while walking. They two fall one the ground take their papers and have a quarrel. She kisses his document paper’s back for the revenge of what happened to her papers.

Do-han is the LJ group’s heir, he is coming on a flight to his home back after years. He meets Chae-won there. She tells him that they need to marry because their parents are already trying to make them marry for their reputation. They need to avoid unnecessary gossip going around, but Do-han has a relationship with a guy already. Cut to the LJ group project meeting, the project manager is presenting the plans for the shopping mall, but the board says they still haven’t bought the lands there to make a mall.

Suddenly he shows the agreement of land which was bought at the start of the episode by Ji-han’s tricks. Apparently, Ji-han is Do-han’s brother. His grandfather is testing their abilities to confirm the next heir so Ji-han working in their company with a fake identity to prove his efficiency.

At the airport, Do-han arrives and meets his old friend. A-Jung says they have been friends for almost 15 years and are meeting again now. Do-han says his grandfather faked his health issues to make him come to see him. Apparently, Do-han didn’t reveal his identity to A-jun and she also didn’t tell him she was working small roles in the series to make a living and faked her being rich. A-jun works as a junior artist, she tried to make a place in the industry but all she was getting small scenes.

LJ group chairman Hyun Dae-Ho gathered his grandsons to talk about his next successor. Hyun Dae-Ho tells Do-han to marry Chae-won of Taeyang Group so that he will make him as next successor and Chae-won can manage the business. But Do-han did not accept the proposal. Later Ji-han asked if he had a girlfriend in New York and showed the photo of Do-han with A-jung. To avoid the marriage Do-han said A-jung is his girlfriend.

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Ji-han went to meet her at the shooting set to talk about Do-han, she also faked their relationship. Ji-han realises it was the girl who kissed the documents at the start. At the shooting spot, she fell from a horse and went to the hospital, also she lost her job there. Do-han invited her to their grandfather’s birthday celebration party, and Ji-han said that A-Jung faked her work status to him. At the time grandfather revealed his successor as Do-han, Do-han offered a marriage contract with A-jung for money to act as his wife for 3 years. The episode ended with Ji-han saying no from behind and grandfathering with other audience at the hall looking at Do-han and A-jung.

Overall the episode started very normally and ended in a thrilling way. The plot of the drama is very predictive because many Korean and Chinese dramas came with this contract marriage plot. But in this case, the lead role is not the one who is going to marry the girl but his brother. Will become more interesting how they are going to make this in coming episodes.



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