Wedding Impossible Episode 10: Amazon Prime presents a triangle love story series called ‘Wedding Impossible’. The story revolves around a young man from the wealthiest family, who’s facing a hard task in front of him to take care of the family business.

The young seeks help from his childhood girlfriend for a fake marriage to get away from the country. Things get out of hand when his younger brother develops feelings for the same girl in the rest of the story.

Episode 10 opens with the unfinished conversation between Lee Do Han and Na A Jeong. They are talking about the relationship of Na A Jeong with Lee Ji Han. In a flashback glimpse, Lee Do Han and Na A Jeong are seen in a school outfit, they are drinking soju inside a restaurant. Lee Do Han expressed his wish to protect his best friend Na A Jeong and his brother Lee Ji Han in the future. Back to the present, Lee Do Han regrets for supporting them.

He tells her to be with him to continue with the marriage contract. Suddenly, Lee Ji Han enters the conversation and hears about the fake marriage. Lee Ji Han thinks that his brother and Na A Jeong betrayed him. Even after he told every secret of him, Na A Jeong kept the truth about marriage in secret. Lee Ji Han couldn’t accept the betrayal of Na A Jeong. He left the place in his car after the conversation. Na A Jeong felt very guilty for hurting Lee Ji Han and stayed with Lee Do Han at his house.

The next day morning, Lee Do Han went to pick up Na A Jeong from her house. She was sitting dully at her house without having food or drinks. Her parents were worried about her and told Lee Do Han to take care of her. Na A Jeong gets into his car and they start traveling. On their way, Na A Jeong expressed sorry for betraying Lee Do Han. But he isn’t concerned about her sorry, he was adamant about making his plan successful. Lee Do Han wants to get married to Na A Jeong, but she opposes his decision.

Lee Do Han asks her to go with him to New York, but she rejects it too. Later that day, Lee Ji Han kept receiving calls from Na A Jeong. He was mad at her for betraying him. He didn’t attend any of her calls, and later ended up meeting with her in front of his office.

Na A Jeong was depressed when she found out that Lee Ji Han had been avoiding her all day. She expressed her true feelings to him, but he wanted more time to come out of the mood. Later that night, Na A Jeong calls Yoon Chae Won for a meetup. They started drinking alcohol for some time, and Yoon Chae Won asked Na A Jeong about the relationship between Lee Ji Han. Na A Jeong confessed that she is in love with him, also she’s ready to lose everything for the sake of the relationship with Lee Ji Han.

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She explains that she cares for him a lot. Yoon Chae Won was convinced by the words of Na A Jeong, she kept drinking along with her. On the same night, Lee Ji Han had a conversation with Lee Do Han. They are still arguing about betrayed first. The next day, Lee Do Han’s sister went to meet the chairman. That night, the chairman found out that the problematic reporter was looking at the death of his daughter.

Lee Do Han’s sister has been dealing with that reporter to gather dirt on her family members. The chairman gets mad at her for spoiling the family by joining hands with enemies. He confirms that, he won’t select her as the next successor. She gets terribly angry at her family and releases the secret photos of Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong.

The next day, everyone starts talking about their affair, and Lee Ji Han gets harsh criticism from social media and his grandfather. News reporters were surrounded at Na A Jeong’s house for coverage. Later, Lee Do Han changed his looks to a successor and went for a press meeting, the hall was empty except for the chairman. He conducted another press meeting for Lee Ji Han, on that press meet, Lee Ji Han confirmed that he loves Na A Jeong and that whatever happened was his own mistake. Na A Jeong saw the live telecast at her home and felt emotional.

Overall the tenth episode ended up with an emotional touch. The complete episode travelled in many chaotic events. The chemistry between Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han was the main highlight of this episode. Let’s see what happens to Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong after the public press meets in the next episodes.



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