Wedding Impossible Episode 11 and Episode 12: Prime Video presents twelve episodic Korean romantic comedy series “Wedding Impossible” with about 1hr of runtime per episode. Lee Do Han and Lee Ji Han are the grandsons of the chairman of the LJ group. Na A Jeong is from a middle-class family who is trying to reach her dream of becoming a great actress. Lee Do Han’s grandfather decides on his next successor Lee Do Han.

But in order to make him successor he needed to marry Chae Won from Taeyang Group. But as Lee Do Han has a relationship with a guy, he declines to marry Chae Won. To escape from their grandfather Lee Do Han tells a lie that he is in a relationship with Na A Jeong who is his best friend. Later grandfather accepts their marriage, but things between Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han change as they start to get emotions on each other.

Finally, Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han proposed they love each other. Even though it will affect both of their future badly they started their love. Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong went on a date. They travelled to places, bought dresses, ate food and enjoyed the day. They knew once anyone got to know it would be a bad name for both of them but their affection for each other was more and they moved on with it.

Lee Ji Han’s sibling got the photo of Lee Ji Han and Na A Jeong kissing each other from the reporter. She went to meet Lee Do Han and showed the photo to him. Lee Do Han was shattered seeing the picture.

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Lee Do Han called Lee Ji Han to meet. Lee Do Han asked Na A Jeong if she liked Lee Ji Han. And also asked her if she told Lee Ji Han that Lee Do Han is gay. Also when they talked about fake marriage Lee Ji Han heard it. Lee Ji Han was shocked and got angry at Na A Jeong and Lee Do Han for not telling him till now. Lee Ji Han parted ways with them. Later Lee Ji Han met his sibling and requested to avoid Na A Jeong and Lee Do Han from this issue. Lee Ji Han promised her that he and Lee Do Han would stay away from getting the heir of the LJ group.

Lee Ji Han’s sibling met their grandfather, apparently, his secretary told that she was looking for her mother’s death CCTV footage. Chairman gets angry on her and tells her he won’t give any share to her. She calls the reporter and releases the photo of Na A Jeong and Lee Ji Han kissing each other. The photo gets viral and Na A Jeong saw it from a coffee shop.

She went home. Na A Jeong’s family thought it was fake but Na A Jeong told them it was real and true. Na A Jeong’s sister warned Lee Ji Han to stay away from them as his presence would hurt her again. The last episode ended with a press meeting of Lee Ji Han telling the press that it was all his fault and he loves Na A Jeong.

That’s all that happened till now. As the series came to an ending now they are going well with the current plot. From the promo, we can see there will be a happy ending for them. Also, Lee Do Han gets a heart change on them so we can expect a good finishing for this series.

Episode 11 will be released on Amazon Prime on the 1st of April and Episode 12 will be released on the 2nd of April. The first six episodes are available in Amazon Prime with Korean language and English subtitles.



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