Upcoming Films and lineups In LCU: LCU, aka Lokesh Cinematic Universe, became one of the popular cinematic universes in India by just two films. LCU was given by fans to director Lokesh Kanagaraj after he started his own Cinematic Universe with Vikram.

In 2019, Lokesh directed the Kaithi film, the film had an open ending, which later connected with 2022’s Kamal Hassan starrer Vikram. In 2023, Lokesh Kanagaraj directed Leo, which is part of the LCU. So, what after Leo? Are there any upcoming LCU films after Leo? What’s the Future Of LCU?

Yes, there are lots of films and Spin-Off series in LCU that are in the Discussion stage. Lokesh is also going to direct some films before retiring from direction.

Rolex Film

The reason LCU became very popular in just one year is because of Suriya’s character Rolex. Yrf’s Spy Universe and Rohit Shetty’s Cop Universe are mainly famous because of their heroes. There is no proper setup of who is the main villain.

The reason why people like the MCU is because of their setup, Thanos was first shown in 2012’s The Avengers. Marvel set up Thanos in a way that excited the audience to see more Marvel movies. A lot of people who watched Leo in theatres expected Rolex to show up at the end. That shows how the audience is excited to know and see more about Rolex.

Lokesh Kanagaraj knows about the hype for Rolex, and he is working on Rolex’s origin. The Rolex film might be a spin-off, which shows us how Rolex became a gangster. I hope Lokesh Kanagaraj does justice to the Rolex character. If we talk about the release date, we might expect the Rolex film to be released in late 2027 as Lokesh is going to direct the next film of Rajnikanth. That Rajinikanth film is not part of the LCU. It will be a standalone film.

Kaithi 2

Karthi’s character Dilli is one of the mysterious characters as we don’t really know anything about his past. In the Kaithi film, Dilli is an ex-convict who helped Inspector Bejoy. In an interview, Lokesh Kanagaraj explained that Kaithi 2 will be the prequel of Kaithi, where we will see the past of Dilli. We might also see the face-off between Suriya’s Rolex and Karthi’s Dilli.

Lokesh had planned to start Kaithi 2 after Leo, but now Lokesh is going to direct Thalaivar 171 (Rajnikanth’s 171 film). The production of Kaithi 2 might start in fall 2025. Lokesh is known for directing films on tight schedules. He completed the shooting of Leo in just seven months. Kaithi 2 might be released in 2026.

Vikram 2

Before LCU Lokesh Kanagaraj used to call this universe, The World Of Vikram. As the universe started from Vikram and it’s going to end on Vikram 2. Lokesh Kanagaraj tells in an interview about all the plans for LCU, and according to him, Vikram 2 will be the endgame of LCU, where we will see our heroes fighting against the big bad daddy “Rolex”.

Vikram 2 isn’t going to be released very soon. In my speculation, it will be released in 2028 after the Prequel film of Rolex.

Agent Tina and Napoleon Spin-Off Series

Rolex, Kaithi 2 and Vikram 2 are confirmed and it’s going to be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. Agent Tina from Vikram, and Napoleon from Kaithi film became very famous, and Lokesh has plans for them as well. But he will not direct them, his Assistant Directors will direct the Agent Tina and Napoleon Spin-Off series just like YRF’s Spy Universe film getting directed by different directors.

We might get to see more LCU movies from Lokesh if he is interested enough to make it a big franchise.



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