Rolex In LEO? Is Leo Is Part Of LCU?: LCU aka Loki Cinematic Universe, a name that was given by fans to Lokesh Kanagaraj after his film Vikram. Lokesh started his film universe after connecting Vikram with Kaithi. After the success of Vikram, Lokesh teamed up with Thalapathy Vijay for the Film Leo. People were in doubt if Leo would be part of the LCU as people really wanted to see Vijay in the Cinematic Universe.

I mean who doesn’t want to see Vijay, Kamal Hassan, Karthi, and Fahadh Fassil fighting against Surya? Leo has been released, and yes Leo is part of the LCU. I’m going to explain all the LCU-related cameos in Leo Film. If you haven’t watched Leo, then please watch it first as the article can spoil your fun.

Rolex In LEO? | All Cameos List In LEO | LEO X KAITHI X VIKRAM

Constable Napoleon

Parthiban (Thalapathy Vijay) asks the judge for police protection as some criminal wants revenge on him by killing him and his family. He asks the judge if he can provide a police officer who is from Parthiban’s hometown (Tamil Nadu). The police officer was none other than Napoleon (George Maryan). We first saw him in the film Kaithi as a Brave Constable who can do anything for his duty. He helped Dilli and Inspector Bejoy, after the Trichy drug bust Napoleon became famous in the news and got promoted as Inspector.

Parthi was surprised after seeing Napoleon. He thought he was very lazy and couldn’t do anything if someone attacked his family. Parthi even asked Napoleon if he really used that Machine Gun. Napoleon tells him about how he helped Dilli in using that Machine Gun. Which clearly connects Leo with LCU.

Escort Girl From Vikram

This scene came after the interval where we see the Escort girl from Vikram looking at Parthi. We see the Escort girl (Maya S. Krishnan) first in the Vikram film. In the Vikram film Kamal Hassan’s Vikram character visits the brothel because there is a technical glitch in that place, which is known as “Blind Spot”. No one can trace what you do in that place. Vikram also goes to a golf club which also has a “Blind Spot”.

Vikram doesn’t do anything with the Escort girl and just asks her to do fake moaning so no one suspects Vikram. I think the Escort girl started working for Vikram, that’s why she was sent to look at Parthi, and the climax confirms it.

The Girl From Vikram

Call from Agent Vikram

At the end of Leo’s film, Parthi/Leo got a call from an anonymous number and from the voice it was confirmed that it was Agent Vikram. Vikram knows about Parthi being Leo, and asks him if he will join his team and fight against drugs. We only heard the voice of Kamal Hassan just like Karthi’s voice in Vikram.

Rolex Dialogue In Music

After the end of the film Movie Credits starts we hear the Lokiverse 2.0 theme which is a mashup of Leo’s BadAss, Vikram’s Theme Song, Rolex’s Theme Song, and Dilli’s Theme Song. We also heard the famous dialogue of Rolex from Vikram where he tells everyone to call him “Sir, Only Sir”.

This is it, this is all the LCU references and cameo which officially confirms that Leo is Part of The LCU.



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