Har Har Gange Box Office Collection Day 10: Two big names in Bhojpuri Cinema have released their films with the hope of changing the image of Bhojpuri Cinema and achieving bumper collections. However, it appears that these films are not resonating with the Bhojpuri audience, as they are being rejected at the box office.

The primary reasons for the film’s poor performance at the box office are the lack of Bhojpuri cinema halls and inadequate promotion. Another critical factor is the absence of a clear vision among Bhojpuri filmmakers.

Pawan Singh’s “Har Har Gange” was released around 10 days ago, but it has failed to garner much attention at the box office. The film’s performance has been disappointing, and here is the day-wise box office collection of the film so far.

One significant factor contributing to the decline in collections is the reduction in the number of screens allocated to the film. Many screens that were initially designated for “Har Har Gange” have now been reassigned to “Sangharsh 2” and other films.

Day 1 Friday: 80k
Day 2 Saturday: 1.80 Lakhs
Day 3 Sunday: 2.50 Lakhs
Day 4 Monday: 2.20 Lakhs
Day 5 Tuesday: 1.85 Lakhs
Day 6 Wednesday: 1.40 Lakhs
Day 7 Thursday: 1.10 Lakhs
Day 8 Friday: 80K
Day 9 Saturday: 92K
Day 10 Sunday: 1 Lakhs

Total Collection in 5 Days: 14.37 Lakhs



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