Unsolved Mysteries “Body In Bags” Explained: Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries is back again with another season that tells us some of the stories that still continue to baffle us and from the evidence point of view, the official decision seems questionable.

One of the Episodes is “Body In Bags” which delves into the investigation of the death of David Carter, allegedly at the hands of his girlfriend, Tammy Williams whose odd behavior in the wake of her boyfriend’s death raised suspicion among David’s Family.

However, the Episode follows a non-linear pattern meaning there are two stories moving together and in the end, they come together. However, here’s the chronological order of the events and what happened when till Now;

On September 28, 2018

The last whereabouts of David was at his son DJ’s Friday Night Football Game where he went with his girlfriend, Tammy Williams but the two sat apart in the stands when David was joined by his sister, Tasia Carter-Jackson, and DJ’s mother, Samia Corner.

In the Episode, Tasia explains that the couple, David & Tammy had been fighting and David had grown sick of her possessive attitude and “broke it off with Tammy” after the game.

On September 29, 2018

Tasia, sister of David Carter believes that Tammy Williams had come to David’s apartment after he had gone to sleep the following Saturday night. Even though the investigators have not confirmed this story, it does make sense and fit with the evidence made public. Since Tammy was David’s girlfriend, she was known to have a key to David’s apartment.

On September 30, 2018

Samia Corner & DJ Carter, David’s son received texts from David’s phone that he was sick and DJ should not come to his home for their planned visit but when DJ went to his father’s apartment after failing to contact him by phone, he saw Tammy Williams taking out the trash and when she saw DJ, she ran past him to the apartment, locking the door.

After opening the door, she didn’t let DJ into David’s room and said that David had gone out for a walk which DJ questioned because of the text received earlier of his father being so sick that he couldn’t talk on the phone.

On October 1st, 2018

A mowing crew with the Ohio Department of Transportation discovered a “weird-looking sleeping bag” off of Interstate 75, roughly 50 miles from the state border and the State Troopers determined the bag contained the severed torso of an adult male. Only clue to the man’s identity was a tattoo of a red-eyed pit bull on his upper right leg, according to Lucas County Coroner.

On October 2nd, 2018

After noting that David hadn’t shown up for work for three days, Roger Davis reached out to Tasia, David’s sister. When failed to contact David by phone, Tasia and her husband Derrick Jackson went to David’s apartment which they found unlocked.

The family, along with David’s father and Samia investigated the apartment and found a blood-stained hole at the top of David’s mattress David’s father, a former soldier discovered a similar hole in the door to David’s closet and recognized it as a bullet hole and then the police were involved.

On October 3rd, 2018

As the Episode shows how the investigation proceeded, David’s father was contacted regarding the tattoo’s information by Melvindale Police the day after David was reported missing. After the confirmation of the red-eyed pit bull tattoo on his upper left leg, the missing person case was officially re-classified as a homicide investigation.

On October 5th, 2018

Tammy Williams was brought in for questioning as the prime suspect in David’s murder case. She became quickly suspicious because of her behavior on Sunday when DJ came over to check up on his father and the lack of concern over David’s disappearance when his family asked her to help with the search. She was brought in for questioning on the night of DJ’s football game which his team won and he dedicated that to his father’s spirit.

On October 8th, 2018

Due to not having enough evidence against Tammy Williams in the David Carter murder case, she was released three days after her initial arrest which was the maximum amount of time, she could be helped without criminal charges under Michigan State Law. She was released but she was still a person of interest, as per Andrew Battersby the US Marshals Task Force correspondent who spoke on the Unsolved Mysteries Episode.

On October 10th, 2018

A second one, a black duffel bag with red straps was found along I-75 in Ohio, north of the first drop site containing David Carter’s head, wrapped in several plastic bags. As shown in the Episode, the cause of death was found to be a single gunshot wound below David’s left ear, said Lucas County Coroner Diane Scala-Burnett.

On October 16th, 2018

Six days later, David’s upper torso was found, inside a bag again on the side of I-75 in Ohio but this time it was found near the north of the city of Findlay. Upon investigation, the authorities found there was no evidence of a struggle nor any injuries apart from the gunshot wound.

On the same day, Tammy Williams was seen in Ann Arbor, Michigan and her credit card receipts show large cash withdrawals and were spotted in a local restaurant and spent the night in a local hotel.

On October 18, 2018

Tammy Williams was last seen two days after David’s upper torso was located. After traveling by train from Ann Arbor to Chicago and then to New York City, she was last seen leaving the Neptune Hotel in NYC on October 18, 2018. Her current whereabouts are unknown but there could be new discoveries after the Episode of Unsolved Mysteries airs.



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