Samia Conner Now? Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries” is back with another Episode showing us cases that still remain unsolved because of the complexity or the distrust of the decision made by the judicial body because of the evidence. “Body In Bags” is yet another case that hasn’t been solved which is the gruesome murder of David Carter, allegedly at the hands of his girlfriend Tammy Williams, who is on the run as of now.

However, what we’re going to focus on is how the family of David Carter is living their lives knowing what happened to their loved one. This article specifically focuses on David’s ex-girlfriend Samia Conner.

Samia Conner is David Carter’s Ex-Partner, who’s the mother to David’s son DJ. She recalls meeting David for the first time, in the Episode and she remembers how funny he was not too long after that, they began spending time and eventually started dating. After that, they soon welcomed a son DJ into their lives.

However, they continued to have an off-and-on-again relationship between 2000-2014 but were committed to raising their son together. David got into a relationship with Tammy Williams in March 2018, 6 months before he disappeared.

The last time Samia remembers seeing David was at their son’s football game on September 28, 2018, and remembers how Tammy was staring at her throughout. She revealed on the show that she thinks of David every day and often wonders how proud he would be to see his son accomplish so much.

She lives in Detroit, Michigan, and is in a relationship while she keeps caring for her children.

Professionally, she’s a Training Lead for Digital Connected Services for General Motors. She has a degree in Communications & Media Arts and has studied Administrative Management at Eastern Michigan University.



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