Masters Of The Air Episode 2: Recap and Explained

Masters Of The Air Episode 2: Recap and Explained

Masters Of The Air Episode 2: Apple tv presents yet another historical series with the highly anticipated creators of Band of Brothers. The series is adapted from the best-selling “Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany” by Donald Miller.

The series tells about historical moments when airmen fought against nazis by going through very dangerous paths. The series shows the strength and courage they had fighting against nazis up in the air.

The episode starts with Gayle checking upon the wounded soldiers at the clinic. Gayle asked about each person who had severe injuries. Bucky drank a lot of alcohol and blabbered these deaths hit him hard and he is waiting for a new CO.

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Bucky meets Gayle and Jack and says he got demoted to CO of the 418th squadron. And now Jack changed to Air Excecutive. Next, we see a jet crash into the woods. It was a training jet by one for the 349th new crew. A meeting went on saying that they lost many crews and other men. Till they get new crews coming we need to adjust and help on other crews when the need comes.

Soldiers gathered at a bar talking, drinking, playing at night. Bucky and Cleven is there too on debate with British air force crews. British air force army and the American Air Force Army have different methods. Americans do daylight bombing were the British army does at night.

The debate gets emotionally attacking and they fight one on one for fun. A meeting goes on at midnight. The commander says the 100th will leads the wing in today’s mission. And Major Egan will be the wing’s command pilot. And their target is submarine pens in Trondheim, Norway.

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Crews started to take off for their mission. Bubbles is not yet recovered from his injury on hand. Instead of Bubbles, Crosby takes his position. Everyone was pumped up for this mission. We see everyone doing their military stunts up in the air. Curt’s bomber craft got engine damaged. Cut to Crosby he is not smooth with the air conditioning. He is vomiting a lot. Suddenly a German aircraft takes down Curt’s aircraft and he goes to land at Scotland. With help of Gayle, Curt lands at the field somehow.

Crosby is not well he saw something stuck on his head, he thought he got hit but it was his vomit. He is trying to cop up with the situation even though he is sick. Crosby gave new coordinates to go back. They reach safely to camp. Curtis safely reach his place, he calls Egan to say he reached safely. Everyone complimented Crosby for getting everyone back.

At the end of the episode they running a bicycle race and everyone falls at the floor while racing, all of a sudden they hear the sound alarm and when they got out and look at the sky they saw bombs and fire up at the sky.


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