Thomas (Tom) Allers Now?: Thomas Allers Were Introduced In The Third Episode Of The Series The We Own This City In The Show We Can See The Story Of the Corrupted Baltimore Police Department’s GTTF And The Ups And Downs They Witnessed Multiple Crimes Were Committed By The Police Department OF Baltimore.

The Story Of The Series Are In Pieces And Gradually It Takes A Pace The Pace Isn’t Fast Because There Are So Much Detailing In the Show To Develop All The Characters Of the Series We Own This City.

Who Was Thomas Allers?

Thomas Allers Was A Former Sergeant Just Like Wayne Jenkins. he was leading The GTTF Baltimore Police Department. He was also a part of many robberies Misusing Of His Police Powers. Using the authority Of His Position He was doing Many Crimes In The City. Allers was running Many Illegal Activities In Baltimore.

In the court Trial, He Confessed That He Was Involved In Many Stealing Activities. He was also doing work On Making Of Fake Affidavits.

Thomas Allers - BPD Watch

Where Is Thomas Allers Now?

Thomas Allers Was Sentenced To Serve In Prison For 15 years A Federal Judge Passed This Sentence In 2018 As Per The Reports Currently, He’s In Jail Serving His Sentence At FCI Coleman Low.

In 2021 He Tried To Commute President Donald Trump To Decrease Some Years From His Sentence It is expected He’ll Release From Jail By 2030.



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