Momodu Gondo Now?: One Of The Police Officers In The Show Named Momodu ‘G Money’ Gondo was also involved in Several Crimes In Baltimore, He was the police Officer Who Was GETTING interrogated In The First Episode Of The Series He was a Former GTTF Gun Trace Task Force Officer He Was Charged With Crimes Like Extortion, Fraud, Racketeering, And Robberies.

At That Time Journalist Justin Fenton Shows His Bravery And He Was Tracing Down Every Activity Of The Officers Because Of That Only He was able to complete The Book And He Got So Much Fame A Series Also Created With The Same Name.

G Money Was The Seventh Member Of The Corrupted Baltimore Police Department He was also Into The Business Of Drugs He was caught With heroin. He was close To Rayam.

Where Is Momodu ‘G Money’ Gondo Now?

Momodu ‘G Money’ Gondo Was Sentenced The 10 Years Of Life To Serve In Prison He Pleaded Guilty In 2016 And He Also Helped The Police Throughout The Case Because Of That Only He Got a Sentence Of Fewer Years He Also Told The Names Of Persons Who were behind the Distribution Of Heroin.

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Currently, He’s Serving In Jail At FCI Butner Low in Bunter, North Carolina. He Said He’s Very Sorry To The Citizens Of Baltimore This Is One Of His Learning Experiences Of Life.



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