The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy Episode 6 Recap: Amazon prime presents an animation show. The show has a package of eight episodes with an average twenty five minutes duration. The story revolves around two scientists who is best in their field. They are creating new cures for many scientifically affected patients in each episode.

Sixth episode opens with another conversation of Dr.Klak and Dr.Sleech. They are discussing about the great St.Cthonk. He is the genius who found teleportation, also had many marvellous achievements in his career. St.Cthonk gone missing or disappeared without telling anyone for a long time. The world scientists kept digging all the graves to find out where St.cthonk really exists.

The GHU later found out his dead body somewhere, they digged the ground and took his body. They took care of the dead body put for examination at the lab. The world scientists celebrating a particular day as St.Cthonk’s day, everyone seems enjoying with patient’s. The Hospital and labs were amazingly decorated by doctors and patients to celebrate St.Cthonks day.

Dr. Sleech were appointed to evaluate space ship accident, at the same time, Dr.Klak got transferred to a different case. Suddenly, Flim came to talk with Klak about her new case. The GHU specially appointed Dr.Klak to do autopsy on St.Cthonk’s corpse.

Both Klak and Sleech shocked to hear the news, Klak got excited to do autopsy for the legendary scientist’s corpse, but Sleech git pretty much dissapointed that she got ruled out from autopsy. Flim thinks that GHU killed St.Cthonk and placed the corpse at the lab. Dr.Sleech thought Klak won’t do autopsy on St.Cthonk without her presence, but Dr.Klak is already excited to do the autopsy alone.

Dr.Plowp invited Dr.Sleech into his room to introduce her to his family. His whole family gathered in his room to meet her. They brought many gifts to welcome her to the family, but she was surprised to see sudden improvements in their relationship. Sleech went to the space ship spot along with Matt. He seems disoriented after reaching the place.

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They had fun at the starting, later it went to chaos. Dr.Sleech drove the vehicle, same time Matt was flying to the river. On the other side, during the autopsy, some weird plants came out of St.Cthonk, it trapped and chocked Dr.Klak. But suddenly Dr.Azel came out of nowhere and helped her in all possible ways.

Overall the episode was quite adventurous and filled with fun elements. On this episode, Klak and Azel once again teamed up together which gives an emotional mood. The visuals also were stunning in this particular episode.



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