The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy Episode 7: Amazon Prime present an eight episodic animation comedy series which happens in a multiverse galaxy. The story happens in a hospital with Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech doing their best to experiment and find new things that helps the society in health sector. Each episode is their routine of helping and finding new cures.

Episode starts with Dr. Klak getting appreciated by people for her works. Dr. Klak is very happy and active, the robot detects an unusual behaviour from Dr. Klak for this sudden changes. Dr. Sleech and Dr. Plowp is fixing a patient. Dr. Plowp says he is happy to be with Sleech again but also sad that from a partner now it changed to as a friend.

Previous Episodes From The Show;

Dr. Sleech met Dr. Klak and saw the worm inside Dr. Klak. Dr. Sleech gets to know that Klak injected the worm inside her to cure her anxiety issue. But Dr. Klak is running in unusual behaviour makes Sleech worry, Klak is also getting pains because of this worm and she is injecting pain killers on her.

Dr. Klak’s mother is on a channel for a show which shows the Klak’s different versions of proto types for mental health technology. She and viewers are waiting for Dr. Klak. After seeing the show, Dr. Klak suddenly go to the stage in a vehicle and break the walls and enter inside it.

Dr. Sleech go to Dr. Azel for helping Dr. Klak to get rid of the worm from her. They get to know that the worm inside her is a killing worm the second one. Suddenly Dr. Klak takes the stage and shows the worm inside her head. And starts saying if the worm gets died all of them will die. Everyone gets panic, other side Dr. Azel and Dr. Sleech running to stop this from happening. Klak’s mother also tried some of manipulation methodes to change Klak but it’s not working. Klak made some clones for her to help her in this process.

The situation got more critical, Klak started injecting a compund to make the worm stay inside her forever. Sleech comes running and stops and blocks her hand then uses a tool to pick the worm from her head. She regains her consciousness and everything becomes normal. All her clones dies and suddenly some people from above and take the worm. The old dead worm inside the lab gets back to life again and become big and goes out.

Overall this was a good episode, had some thrilling moments with some small suspense elements. This was some different plot compared to other episodes and made some thrilling moments.



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