The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy Episode 5 Recap and Explained: Amazon Prime presents ‘The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy’ an Animation sci-fi series with eight episodes. The story revolves around two doctors Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech. Each episode shows some of their experiments or the process of saving their patients.

This episode opens with Dr Klak and Dr Sleech trying to make one of their chief of surgeons for a day when the chief goes on leave. They are searching for reviews about them by the chief. Dr Klak reads reviews about her that she follows protocols and she needs to work on her self-confidence. About Dr. Sleech they wrote brilliant, excellent and also can be controlled. Dr. Sleech plans to control them instead of her.

Sleech uses her mind control method and changes Chief’s mind. Chief came to tell about their absence and also the replace Chief for their leave day, which is Dr. Sleech. Everyone gets shocked hearing it was Dr. Sleech. Sleech takes charge as chief of surgery. She changes her attitude when talking with others. Plowp and Sleech have a romance together. Suddenly a blackhole accident happens, and Sleech calls for all doctors and others immediately.

While they are working to save patients they hear a voice by a lady, she tells them her body and don’t know where it went. Sleech asks Matt to find the body of her. Matt goes out looking for it and finds it in a pond. Everyone is on the rush to save patients, Sleech doing surgeries in seconds and going for another patient. Finally, the patients are somehow saved except Sleech couldn’t save one patient.

The old chief of surgeons comes back to the hospital. Dr. Sleech says sorry that she couldn’t save a patient, but they praise her for handling the situation very well.

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Overall the episode was a normal plain episode. There are not much of wow moments or anything, it’s just them doing their routine stuff again. There are no dull moments though. Yet this episode is ok for a good watch.



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