The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Episode 3: Amazon Prime presents ‘The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy’ an animation series in eight episodes with 25 minutes of runtime per episode. The story happens in a hospital were Dr Klak and Dr Sleech trying to make new changes in the health sector with their knowledge and hard work.

The episode starts with a flashback of Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech doing their morning routines. Cut to the present, Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech are prepared for their next work as their going to perform an infestectomy and Azel is the guest lecturer. Azel is praising Klak about her work, next comes Sleech where he tells everyone she doesn’t go with the rules. Sleech jumps inside the body and takes out the worm, all the flesh is on her and they go for disinfection.

Previous Episodes;

While Dr. Sleech is walking a guy try to chat with her and asks for a date. But she easily rejects it with him, Same time Matt is behind him. Next Matt and Sleech start romancing again inside a room. Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak meet a lady in a time loop.

She wants them to remove the time-loop chip from her body. The time loop chip enables her to go back a day if she dies and can fix anything in that time to avoid death. She says she has been here already on the loop and says the same words that they are going to speak.

Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak enter the time loop to experience it. But when they started their loop it also made the whole hospital to loop. Everyone started looking for the person responsible for this loop. The duo used the loop to try experiments on patients on each loop. Suddenly after many loops, they removed the loopchip but the Galactical Health Unit arrests them for it.

They ask for Dr. Klak’s brother Flim. Flim comes and shouts at them for doing these. Apparently, Flim is in the Galactical Health Unit’s lead council so he releases them and they ask help from Azel to operate the chip.

This was all about ‘The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy Episode 3’ Recap and summary. Overall the episode was good. The time loop concept was an interesting concept. Also, there were some funny moments to watch too.



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