The Rehearsal Episode 2 : HBO’s new Docu-Comedy mini-series titled “The Rehearsal” allows ordinary people to live life’s biggest moments ahead of the time they experience in reality by undergoing them in a simulation that records their every step and every word they say to choose an optimal path and along with that, lets the person understand what they’re going to undergo and with that, they decide how to go about that in their life or if they’re even sure about that or not.

Episode 2 was just released recently and it has been bonkers not because of the premise. The premise of Episode 2 was enough just to get our expectations high but no the ending of the Episode threw us off in a very unexpected way. Episode 2 showed us about a 44-year-old woman named Angela who chronically put off being a parent because the circumstances were never right and Nathan FIelder, the creator of the show is giving her a chance to live all the moments along with the tribulations of raising a child from birth to the age of 18 years old.

This is not a normal task because it is going to be so particular to the woman here like she wants to have it by a man’s side who she does not have currently and by the adoption of a child. Each week, the child named Adam will grow 3 years and for each age, multiple child actors have been cast in order to comply with Oregon State’s labor laws that limit the number of hours a child can work.

This is going into so much detail that we did not even think of. Babies are capped at 4 hours so it requires multiple switches each day and at night, the real baby is switched with a robot baby with hired personnel looking at the cam footage of the real baby and mimicking the real cry to the robot baby so that it can be tended to and cared for, at night just like for every parent does in their early parenthood stage.

Angela starts off to a good start but she still needed a man by her side so according to her dating matches, she goes out on dates and finally meets a guy named Robin who she clicks with and also invites him on a second date. At one point, she invites him over to her house in hopes that he will agree to be a co-parent in this project which he agrees so Nathan invites him over to babysit for one night and he ends up leaving the same night because the baby kept crying and he kept tending to him.

The episode was about to end on a sad note that Angela was left by the person she chose but Nathan comes up with an idea. So, about people who do not know. Nathan Fielder is 39 years old and divorced lives with his cats and has no romantic partner.

Contemplating being a parent, as anyone else would Nathan proposes the idea that he would like to be the co-parent with Angela in this project so that both of them can be sure about if they’re parent material or not. The Episode ends with Nathan giving a call to every child actor’s parent and asking them for their consent.


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