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The Rehearsal HBO Review: New HBO Show That You Really Wanna Watch

HBO has never been behind or stopped itself from taking risks, let it be in terms of content or giving budget to shows that just use it for humor purposes but still getting the ratings and winning all the best awards. HBO has been the king at content and whatever HBO comes forward with, is worth watching.

All high praise for HBO is well meant because HBO has done it again with “The Rehearsal”, a docu-comedy series created, produced, and written by Nathan Fielding who is famous for his previous works like Nathan For You.

This show is special because of its premise and how much effort has gone into making it. Imagine you’ve told a lie to one of your friends and over the course of this long friendship, that lie has been eating away at you. Understanding the human condition and insecurities or just feeling belongingness, we can agree that humans lie some time in their lives, either to get a job or to get approval from friends or family.

What if that lie has been eating away at you for a long time and you want to come clean but are not sure how to even start? What if their reaction is something really infuriating or something deeply hurtful? How do you go about it? Well, Nathan Fielding just made a show about that.

The title of the show is pretty self-explanatory as he gives the people who have either told a lie or want to come clean to rehearse that situation where they come clean with the person. Because if you practice something and understand every aspect of how it can go, you can prepare for it.

Just like disaster management. Nathan prepares those people to come clean with every simulation of the place they choose by creating an exact replica of that place, by hiring a person who will understand the psychology of the person who is going to be on the receiving end and act as a proxy the whole time during the rehearsal.

Every word and action is captured into a flow chart and then you find the most optimal path in the end and you go with it and stick to it. The premise of the whole show can be written off as follows said by Nathan in the first episode “Maybe it’s easiest to choose a path when you can live the future first”

The show is very refreshing and hits it home. It does not have any complex plots or anything, it is about humans and the human condition and it just helps us to become a better humans in a way that we did not think before. This show is a must-watch for anything who likes a slice of life.

The Docu-Comedy series is a 6 Episodic series that will release weekly on HBO Max.

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