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The Rehearsal Episode 3 Release Date, Premise, Plot & More

The Rehearsal Episode 3 Release Date: HBO’s new docu-comedy mini-series titled “The Rehearsal” has managed to not only exceed our expectations but also at the same time touched us deeply in Episode 2 titled “Scion” in which he gave a chance to a 44-year-old woman named Angela to experience parenthood by going through the different stages of parenthood from birth to 18 years old over the course of weeks with the age of the child increasing by 3 every week.

Parenthood can be hard and it can be especially destructive when you’re not ready for that in your life. This is something not everyone handles. We saw in Episode 2 that Robin, the person Angela chose after going on several dates with, bails on her on the first night he was asked to participate as a co-parent in the Project.

The Episode also went deeper with Nathan, the show’s creator coming out with his feeling about whether he’ll be a good parent or not and at the same time proposing an idea to co-parent with Angela in this project. As a divorced 39-year-old man living with his cats, he seemed to be wanting more and he went for it.

Episode 2 not only touched on the creator’s self-doubts but everyone’s as well. It’s what everyone relates to, and with that Nathan has not only gotten our attention, which he already had but gotten our hopes really high. Episode 3 will stream next week i.e., 30th July 2022 Saturday on HBO.

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