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The Rehearsal HBO Episode 1 Recap & Explained | Full Story

HBO’s newly released gem and Nathan Fielding’s another baby “The Rehearsal” dropped its first episode this Saturday. With a highly skillful construction crew and amazing actors along, Nathan Fielding has created a show that lets people prepare for their life’s biggest moments like coming clean from a lie that you have been telling your loved ones for decades and you feel heavy because of it.

Nathan allows normal people to live a simulation with trained actors who understand the psyche of the person on the receiving end of the lie, act as a proxy and train the person for all the variations recording every step in a flow chart and end up with the most optimal path.

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The First Episode of the Docu-Comedy series created and executive produced by Nathan Fielding was called “Orange Juice, No Pulp” and focussed on a Brooklyn based Trivia aficionado who had told his Trivia group that he had a Master’s Degree when he met them after feeling insecure about not having one because everyone had one.

The lie has lived through his friends to this point that they are sending him Job Applications that require a Master’s Degree. Keeping a secret like that from his friends that mean a lot to him weighs heavy on him and he wants to come clean to his friends, one of them in particular because he is not sure how she will take that.

Concerned about her female friend who can go from sweet to furious in seconds, he feels that she’s the only one that can create a ruckus so this episode focuses on her and how the TEAM and Kor (Brooklyn-based Trivia aficionado) went about coming clean to this female friend.

The Episode started with understanding how Kor feels about that and Nathan meets him to explain what he is doing and how it all works. After Kor mentions his friend Tricia who he is most concerned about, they hire her as a freelance writer for an article in which they let her interview the person who is going to his doppelganger/proxy Kor. They go through each word and each action of Kor, the setting of the place they go to, and replicating it as same as the original with HBO’s unlimited resources giving a feel same as the original.

With living the simulation more than a dozen times, Kor finally comes clean to his friend Tricia in the episode and is actually surprised how cool is she about that and supporting as well. She is not furious or angry but instead, she understood his plight.

They ended up becoming closer and talking for more than one and a half hours about their feelings. The episode ended on a good mood with Nathan explaining how he fed Kor the Trivia questions without him knowing and while we see the proxy saying to him that he is an awful person for doing that on TV but we do not actually see Kor actually telling Nathan this. We’re not sure what actually happened but we do know that it happened well for Kor.

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