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Black Bird Episode 3 Recap | Full Story & Ending Explained

AppleTV+ Psychological Thriller “Black Bird” is based on a true story of a charming convicted drug dealer coaxing a confession out of a suspected serial killer just released its 3rd Episode.

The show has been getting interesting with each episode as we move closer to how Jimmy, the convicted drug dealer comes to Springfield Prison with a mission to befriend Larry D Hall, the suspected serial killer, and coax a confession out of him to find where had he buried the body of a specific girl that the FBI think he did.

The FBI has Larry matched with 1 of the bodies of a dead girl but to prove or have a solid girl, they need to be able to match him with another.

What did Episode 3 Focus on?

Jimmy had tried to talk to Larry on numerous occasions but Larry did not reciprocate and in order to get him to talk, Jimmy’s efforts were getting shot down but he was able to get Larry’s respect when he stood up for him on the TV Room when he and some other inmates were watching “America’s Most Wanted”.

Larry, after that incident, feels comfortable talking to Jimmy and they talk, in the library and are also allowed to go with Larry to the boiler room where Larry works where they exchange a conversation about women’s genitals and we see Larry getting comfortable with Jimmy.

Image – Apple Tv
What went wrong for Jimmy in Episode 3?

Life isn’t going smoothly for Jimmy after he was played during the plea bargain and instead of 5, going away for 10 years, then entering a contract with the FBI to coax a confession out of a potential serial killer which the FBI is not sure about as we see today because of their meeting with a police officer who investigated a case where Larry confessed to the crime when he did not even commit it, making the FBI spiral its own thoughts.

Jimmy also had a guard, Carter threatens him to reveal his real identity for 10K Dollars and when asked to go through the rainy-day fund stashed away somewhere by his father, his father does not find anything making Jimmy scramble for money.

How Did the Episode END?

We see an exchange between Janice and Jimmy when she comes to meet him in prison looking and acting all confused because of the other investigation that happened in which Larry confessed something he did not even commit and Jimmy ends up getting riled up a bit but does not stray away from his mission and is sure about Larry being the murderer of the girls.

Black Bird Episode 3 Ends
Image – Apple Tv

Jimmy leaves with confidence to get Larry to talk and walks out, ending the episode.


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