Call Of The Night Episode 4 Release Date, Premise & More

Call Of The Night Episode 5 Recap Call Of The Night Episode 3 Release Date

Call Of The Night Episode 4 Release Date: Call Of The Night, is an ongoing comedy romantic drama that focuses on the nocturnal life of a high school boy who has stopped going to school because he does not find it fun anymore and after meeting a girl who’s a vampire and experiencing what it’s like to a vampire, he wants to become one.

The anime has given us a cute episode this week which was a step in a positive direction leading us to think of more theories. Episode 3 focussed on introducing Akira Asai to the show who is the person who confessed her love interest in Yamori at school but ran off when he rejected her.

They meet at 4 AM when Yamori is walking and they start meeting at the same time every day, making it a routine. Nanakusa ends up feeling a bit possessive when she sees Yamori not responding to Akira’s question and gets angry at him, they solve the problem with the discussion, and the episode ended on a good note and we got to see them kiss in the 3rd Episode itself.

The 4th Episode of the Anime is going to release on 28th July 2022 Thursday. It will be broadcasted on Fuji TV in Japan and will be released online on HIDIVE.

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