The lost flowers of Alice Hart Episode 4: Amazon Prime presents a Mystery, Drama series ” The lost flowers of Alice Hart” is currently streaming now in prime video Alon with, Hindi, and English audio with subtitles. Currently, three episodes are streaming now & the rest will come weekly.

In this article we are going to discuss when the next episode or we can say, episode 4 will release on Prime Video & what we expect from it.

Episode 3 Ended by opening lots of truths. We can assume that the next episode will be about the Brother of Alice Hart, who will adopt him & will Alice know about him? But an important question comes up, why June isn’t accepting that baby boy as well as her own Grandson in Thornfield? The next episode will also reveal more secrets about Clem Hart & Agnes Hart.

We can expect that, from the next episode Alice also grows up as a teenage girl. The three episodes of this series are currently streaming now in Amazon Prime video with Hindi, English audio along with subtitles.

As this is a Seven-episodic series, so we have to wait for the other four episodes. The next episode of this ongoing series will release on 11th August 2023. So, that’s the release date of episode 4 of this show, it’s one week long. Meanwhile, you can watch three episodes this is currently streaming now in the platform.



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