The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart Episode 1: Amazon Prime presents a Mystery-Drama series, “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart,” currently streaming on Prime Video along with Hindi and English audio with subtitles. Currently, three episodes are available for streaming, and the rest will be released weekly.

“The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart” is a mysterious drama series that revolves around Alice Hart. In this article, we will provide an episode-wise recap of the series. Before we begin the discussion, let’s familiarize ourselves with the story. The series follows Alice Hart as she slowly unravels the mysteries surrounding her family and Thornfield, a mysterious flower farm.

The story starts in the past, where we see young Alice Hart in a garden with her father, Clem Hart. She leads a happy life with her parents. Agnes Hart, her mother, talks to her about her birth and how she will soon have a brother or sister. Agnes loves planting flowers but hesitates to go into the city. When young Alice requests her mother to go, she finally agrees because her father has left home for work.

One day, on Lamington Day, young Alice Hart goes into her mother’s room in the morning to wake her up. Agnes Hart is crying for an unknown reason and tells her daughter that she will not wake up. So, young Alice leaves for the city all alone and reaches the public library there. Inside, she meets Sally, a librarian, who makes a library card for her and sends her to a room filled with books.

However, Alice overhears Sally talking with someone about her, mentioning someone named Jame and describing Alice as badly burned, with burns on her hands and legs. Feeling upset, Alice leaves the library and returns home, where she finds her father. Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse, and Clem scolds his daughter Alice and tears apart her library card. He is unhappy because Alice went to the city alone and subsequently burns down their entire field and garden.

The next day, police officer John Morgan visits their house and questions them about why Alice’s hands and legs are burned. Alice’s parents refuse to tell the truth to the police, suggesting that the family is hiding something. One day, young Alice studies a book given by Sally, where she reads about “Fire & Phoenix.” On that day, her parents go to the city, leaving Alice alone in the house. She explores a little hut near their home and discovers some artifacts related to “Selkie.” However, inside the hut, she finds many things, including a photo of an unknown house. As she is leaving, the hut suddenly catches fire.

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One day, Sally and James find a fire in Alice’s house but manage to rescue Alice and her mother. Sally becomes emotional upon seeing Alice, but the reason for her emotions remains unclear. Later, we find out that Agnes Hart, Alice’s mother, dies in that fire, as does Clem Hart. Sally and James consider adopting Alice since their own child, Gemma, died a long time ago. James doubts the investigation of the house, and one day, June Hart arrives there. She is Clem Hart’s mother.

June goes to the hospital to meet Alice Hart, unaware of Clem’s family. June is upset about whatever happened and confides in Twig about it. She mentions that “maybe he did everything,” though it is unclear whom she is referring to, possibly Clem. She also reveals that Alice is in a coma, and their new child died. Twig suggests they must tell everything to “Candy.” Later, we encounter Candy, but Twig indirectly discusses someone’s death with her. Twig is June’s wife, and they plant flowers to honor those who have died.

Alice remains in a coma, and Sally reads stories to her. Sally somehow learns about Alice’s mom and starts reading stories about Selkie to her. The story then takes us back to the past days, showing how Alice spent time with her parents. At that moment, Alice emerges from the coma, and Sally tells her everything that happened in her house. Alice starts crying helplessly, although Sally assures her that she will always be with her.

Two months later, Alice recovers and has a “stone flower,” staying in the hospital ward. Sally gifts her a Harry Potter book, and June regularly visits her in the hospital. Flowers play a significant role in giving indications in the story. Alice still hallucinates about her parents. When she recovers from the trauma, she finds her grandmother June by her side. Later, she goes to the hospital with her grandmother, but Sally does not allow it and complains to her husband. June is ready to take Alice with her, and Sally reveals that all the books she gave to Alice were actually gifted by her grandmother.

Alice goes to June’s house, where she finds a garden filled with lots of flowers. She also meets Twig and stays in the Belltower room.

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Sally is hiding something and speaks with solicitors, informing her husband that Agnes changed her will four months ago. According to the will, if June is unable to take care of Alice, Sally will be responsible for her. The question remains as to how Agnes knew about Sally. Sally is ready to bring Alice back to her room. When her husband falls asleep, she goes to the terrace and opens up an idol of Selkie.

The episode concludes with many mysteries left unsolved. In the night, June leaves home with a rifle, and Sally appears to have some mysterious intentions. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to the next episode to find out what will happen next.



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