Netflix’s presented documentary series ‘ The Hunt for Veerappan ” is currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi, English audio. We saw Vijay Kumar in this series who is a IPS officer & he has a huge contribution to the death of Veerappan.

Krishnan Vijay Kumar was born on 15th September 1952. He grew up in Tamilnadu. He completed his education at Madras University. He is now a retired officer who served as a police officer for nearly 37 years. He was a chief of a special task force which have an involvement in the death of Veerappan. After this he became famous.

In 2018 he was appointed as an advisor for Government & in 2019 he becomes a senior security advisor for the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Krishnan Vijay Kumar have a successful life as an IPS officer. He now has a happy life with his family. He married Meena Vijay Kumar in 1977. Now, they are enjoying their life in Tamilnadu.



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