Death and Other Details Season 2 Release Date: Hulu presents a murder mystery thriller show ‘Death and Other Details’. The series showcases the darkest sides of rich people. The plot revolves around a wealthy family, who conducts a business vacation with other rich people which ends up revealing their dirty secrets.

An unexpected murder of a wealthy man will change the perspective of the story, a young woman and the world’s greatest detective find out who’s the real culprit.

Death and Other Details is an intriguing thriller investigation series. The show is created by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams. The first episode aired on January 16, 2024, final episodes were released on March 5, 2024. The show had a stellar cast with solid characters. The show got pretty good reviews from crime thriller viewers around the globe. Hulu released the show in the United States, and Disney Plus released it accross the world.

The show contains ten episodes in total with an average duration of fifty minutes. The first season finale premiered on March first week and received a pretty average response from the viewers. The last episode received only 6.5 ratings on IMDb, which is very much low compared to the other episodes.

The finale episode ended with an open ending for the next season. Imogene Scott and her companions found out the biggest twist of who’s real Viktor Sams. Imogene saw the visuals of Agent Hilde standing next to Keith Trubitsky on the ship before he died. The same woman came to the ship in the name of an Interpol agent and with the respective uniform. The actual Viktor Sams is Agent Hilde, but the unexpected twist is it’s all an alias name of Kira, Imogene Scott’s mother.

She faked her death in front of her child, blasted the car and got out of it. Lawrence Collier planned to kill Kira for trying to expose the dirty secrets of Collier Mills. Kira tried to expose the deaths that happened inside the collier mills. The collier mills factory in China used captioned blue chemical substance and it caused many deaths.

Celia Chun is the wife of a deceased worker of the same factory, she was the witness for Kira in this war against Colliers. Kira got attacked by some people hired by Lawrence Collier, she begged with Governor Alexandra to file a petition against Collier mills, but she is also corrupted. Kira became wealthy and she led an organisation to torture wealthy rich while exposing their dirty secrets.

She made a junk of money from all the blackmailing, she used the money to buy a cruise ship to kill everyone who supported Collier Mills. In the end of the finale, Kira explained everything that happened in two decades of her life without Imogene’s attention. Imogene Scott requested Kira to stop everything but once again she resumed her blackmailing.

In the end of the first season, Kira got caught by Interpol with the help of Imogene and Rufus Coteworth. Later, she escaped from the custody. The second season already got a lead from the end of the first season. The next season will concentrate on the life of Imogene Scott. Viktor Sam’s name has already been exposed and Kira will restart her dirty work in different names from next season. Even though Kira is Imogene’s mother, she is keen on catching Kira for doing all the dirty work and also for the murder of innocent detective Danny.

The creators of Death and Other details answered on a question about the chances of season two in a recent interview, they said that season two will showcase Imogene Scott as an intelligent and emerging detective with momentum like Sherlock Holmes. The makers didn’t given a nod for the second season yet, the first season just ended and the creators need much time to materialize the plot for the next season. We can expect an announcement from Hulu this year about the renewal of season two. If everything goes well, we can witness the release of the next season in two years.

‘Death and other details’ complete episodes from the first season is currently streaming through Hulu and Disney plus.



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