The Impossible Heir Review: Disney presents yet another family revenge drama with a business backdrop. The show is somehow similar to recent Disney Korean dramas like Reborn Rich and the Golden Spoon. The story revolves around an illegitimate son and his friends who try to achieve their goals by surpassing all the struggles of poverty and dishonour. The show consists of twelve episodes with an average duration of one hour.

‘The Impossible Heir’ is an intriguing revenge thriller drama. This South Korean drama was created and directed by Min Yeon-Hong. He is known for his works in dramas like Missing the Other Side, touch, Ugly Alert and My First Love. He did an amazing work as a director of this show. The production values are pretty high in this show.

The story is written by Choi Won, who’s known for his writing in Miss Butcher and Fortune Salon. The show is concentrated on the life of three youngsters. Each one of them has a goal to achieve. Their dedication and hard work on reaching their ambition is motivational and relevant to society.

The Impossible Heir drama revolves mainly around the character Kang Inha, an illegitimate son of the Kangoh group, he was expelled by the rest of the family members. The drama showcases his revenge towards his family members and his aim to become the successor of the company. Kang Inha’s character is portrayed by young South Korean actor Lee Jun Young. He did an excellent performance in this role. His notable works are weak hero class and may i help you.

The second most important character in this show is Han Taeo, who’s a poor young man with a low-class family. He is hard-working and cold-hearted sometimes, but yet he never wastes his time on unnecessary things. He planned everything for his future from his school days. Han Taeo’s character is portrayed by popular next-generation actor Lee Jae Wook. His dramas were pretty much popular around the globe.

Some of the most popular dramas are Alchemy of Souls and Extraordinary You. He also did an exceptional performance in this show. The friendship between Kang Inha and Han Taeo is the highlight of the show.

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The Impossible Heir drama is a complex and yet gripping edge thriller that makes the audience more interested in the next. The show already got a significant amount of positive response around the globe. I personally liked how the show didn’t move an inch to the routine Korean drama stuff. The show is very much concentrated to its core plot without many deviations and the seriousness of the story is depicted from the starting itself.

The right blend of greed and poverty is portrayed well in this show. The revenge drama showcases the bitter truth about most of the rich families. The survival of youngsters without any support from their parents is portrayed as an important topic in this show. The story is very much relevant to the current generation people, the makers did proper research on this base. The show has a solid screenplay along with brilliant visuals. The episodes were thrilling and engaging, which makes it a good binge-worthy series.

The Impossible Heir is an intriguing family revenge drama which surely gonna be the most talked about drama in recent times from Disney. The screenplay and cast are the most important highlights of this show. The show premiered on February 28th through Disney Plus. Overall the show will be a good try for Korean revenge drama lovers.

I would rate 3 out of 5 for this South Korean drama.

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